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Revolução de 25 de abril de 1974: O Impacto na Arte

Revolution of April 25, 1974: The Impact on Art

The Revolution of April 25, 1974 overthrew the dictatorial regime of the Estado Novo, in force since 1933, beginning the implementation of a democratic regime. The revolutionary atmosphere that was felt in the streets encouraged the participation of artists, in an explosion of graphic art. Thus, after the revolution, the mural paintings and posters linked to this political transformation are remarkable. In a euphoric aesthetic trait, artists and the population took on an intervention role through art, expressing their voice, which was once suppressed.Starting from the artistic manifestations during the 25th of April 1974 until the subsequent transformations, we will...

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Como comprar obras de arte online de forma acessível

How to buy artwork online affordably

P55 is a Marketplace dedicated toArt which provides a free service to its suppliers to sell their works without leaving home. The platform's mission is to revolutionize access to Art and make it available to everyone through the online store and weekly auctions.From classical to contemporary art, with around 500 authors, this platform stands out from the rest for one reason: all pieces come from professionals, be they artists or gallery owners. In a digital age, how does this online platform make the art market more accessible?

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História da Paisagem, do Renascimento até Arte Contemporânea

History of Landscape, from the Renaissance to Contemporary Art

The landscape theme was constantly related to the affirmation of the main artistic movements, especially from the Renaissance onwards. Over time, this genre, which depicts mountains, rivers, bridges or architectural spaces, has undergone changes in terms of artistic means and languages. Currently, its relevance in the field of fine arts is remarkable; however, for several centuries, for the academy, it was considered inferior in relation to other genres. In order to understand how artists represent this theme in contemporary times, we will approach the artistic idea of landscape, from the Renaissance, through the Baroque, Romanticism and post-war period.

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Ricardina Oliveira
O artista Vhils lançou um novo NFT com o nome Rupture

The artist Vhils launched a new NFT called Rupture

Vhils revealed yet another release of one of his pieces as NFT, presented by BEYOND THE STREETS, through the MakersPlace platform.Entitled Rupture, this work of art consists of a video that captures the exact moment when the explosives are activated. Vhils has been using everything from scalpels and chisels to drills, jackhammers and even explosives to destroy crumbling walls, revealing realistic faces of local and often marginalized residents. Now the artist has passed this message to NTFS, being the first experience in Portugal with these cryptoassets.

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