Social Mission

Our mission at is to revolutionize access to Art by making a vast selection of works by fine artists available for a simple and informed purchase. We intend to contribute to a creative, cultured society that can respond to the challenges of the 21st century and we are determined to promote solutions! We aim for the continuous production of several initiatives that encourage the cultural, social and environmental development of the population.


P55.ART follows the social commitment to act with communities, in a proactive and positive way, in order to promote diversity of offer and stimulate interest in Art to different audiences. Social responsibility is a commitment we assume in order to make a difference to those around us and the population in general. With great concern for cultural, social and environmental aspects, P55.ART decided to donate 1 euro for each purchase made. The donation will support several institutions that promote educational practice in an innovative way. With this mission, our platform intends to help actions of a social, cultural or environmental nature that have an acceptance and an educational impact on citizens.

Objectives with this donation:

Contribute to research in the cultural, environmental and social fields.
Create and promote projects that develop the social, educational and environmental capacities of a community;
Support new artistic creations;
Promote the values of sustainability and environmental preservation in the World of Art.