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5 artistas para descobrir a beleza da primavera

5 artists to discover the beauty of spring

The visual element of color is used to create the atmosphere of a work of art, as it stimulates our emotions and perceptions. Thus, they offer us disparate responses such as harmony or conflict, hot or cold, due to the combination of pigments: a blue can be warm or cold, depending on the composition (it may tend more towards yellow or green). This is a journey through the use of color, which starts at the beginning of the 19th century and stops at various times, up to the present day.

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Talent Benefit
Bordalo II, o artista contemporâneo ecológico

Bordalo II, the contemporary ecological artist

Plates, computer keyboards, bicycle tires are some of the objects chosen byBordalo II for the production of his works.The choice of these materials is Artur Bordalo's way of criticizing the way we live today. Waste, materialism, our own consumerism and the urgent need for sustainability are the themes addressed in their installations.

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Talent Advisor
Quem foi o artista português Luís Noronha da Costa?

Who was the Portuguese artist Luís Noronha da Costa?

Luís Noronha da Costa (1942-2020) was a Portuguese artist, considered one of the most important representatives of Portuguese contemporary art of the 20th century. Learn more about the artist here.

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Ricardina Oliveira
Exposição com obras de Paula Rego e Josefa de Óbidos

Exhibition with works by Paula Rego and Josefa de Óbidos

At Casa das Histórias, in Cascais, the exhibition entitled "Paula Rego / Josefa de Óbidos - Religious art in the feminine" shows, until May 23, 115 works by Paula Rego, some of them unpublished, and 21 paintings by Jose de Óbidos. The House of Stories Paula Rego proposes an unusual visit to the work of two visionary and innovative authors, who went beyond pre-established concepts and established their artistic irreverence through the exploration of timeless themes.

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