José de Guimarães

Quem é José de Guimarães?

José de Guimarães (b.1939)
José Maria Gonçalves Marques, born in Guimarães, “citizen of the world”, Engineer, collector, esthete, plastic artist, unyielding owner of himself.
Defining it is dividing it into parts that, once individualized, prevent the comprehension of the whole.
To classify your work according to academic criteria and gauges is to arrange it in a chapter of the catalogue, in a prefacial summary or in a concluding footnote; it is to risk not embracing its material and metaphorical integrality. The work of José de Guimarães has a distinct dimension and personality that are not compatible with scholastic premises: it is constituted by a multiplicity of unique landmarks in the contemporaneity of artistic production in Portugal and in the world.

More than ten years ago, we had the welcome opportunity to be received in his studio in Alfama. He welcomed us chivalrously and patiently with the frank and spontaneous nobility of Minhoto that he is, and of the Portuguese from the “seven departures of the world” that he is also.
“Pilgrimage” for his collection of African and pre-Columbian art, vast, very rich, full of mystical and esoteric mysteries that his tireless knowledge and cultured traveler revealed to us with details that involved his stories and those of his journeys since origins to Lisbon. We found out that he collected for himself, however, with the already declared intention of making it patent to the public, which would later materialize in the happy sequence of the no less fortunately achieved “Guimarães European Capital of Culture”. Meanwhile, part of his collection was on the move, given to several European institutions that exhibited it with great prominence and appreciation.

With a disconcerting humility that is so natural, he talked to us about his works, his views of the world and his path as an artist, stripped of stardom (that narcissistic self-exaltation that we sometimes notice in certain media of "national culture" ) as if apologizing for his importance and, why not, for the celebrity, who is rightly recognized.
Check the long list of exhibitions, shows, galleries, and projects in which you participated; from private and institutional collections, and from museums where he is represented; awards, prizes and honorary distinctions; of the written and cinematographic works dedicated to him; of monumental pieces located in various cities, it amounts to, at the very least and in the literal sense of the term, a circumnavigation.
This auction is part of an informal but constant cycle of works by José de Guimarães since the beginning of our activity. Its notoriety and multidisciplinarity have always aroused the greatest interest in the national and international market. We are sure of this path of continuity in the dissemination of the work of José de Guimarães: We do not add value to the value he gives it through his work and indisputable talent.

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