Nature and the environment in dialogue at the Paris Art Fair

A natureza e o ambiente em diálogo na Feira de Arte de Paris

The Paris Art Fair is the largest exhibition of modern and contemporary art in the French capital. It gathers every year, several galleries, and in this edition they had 130 exhibitors full of works by French and international artists. The aim of the fair is to boost the market and discover new contemporary creative trends from famous and emerging artists. All the works on display are for sale, in a show of great diversity of styles and for all budgets. This year, the show is committed to the planet, with nature and the environment as the central issue that crosses this edition. Among the artists on display, many show us how they relate to ecology and their relationship with nature, working with organic materials or questioning the carbon footprint.
"It is a selection of 17 artists. Many are young artists. There is a true generational phenomenon. It is true that many young artists explore environmental themes. They were born with the ecological crisis and this is their time, so everyone who explores reality, that are porous and that work on the problems of the moment, inevitably cross current environmental problems, whether climate, biodiversity or pollution", said Alice Audouin, the curator of the exhibition "Art and Environment".

Paris | P55.ART

Among the artists of the "Natural Stories" selection we find the Cameroonian Barthélemy Togo, represented by the Lelong and Company gallery. Togo shows us works produced during the pandemic and inspired by the use of protective masks. "I was born in Mbalmayo, in the middle of the equatorial forest and I am well aware of the importance of nature and the vitality of nature. I have always felt passionate and close to nature. It is important for me to include it in my work and celebrate it", he told Euronews Barthélemy Togo. Exhibitors accepted the challenge and many ended up joining the "Art and Environment" route proposed this year by the Paris Art Fair. Among them, the Galleria Continua, which represents a network of eight European galleries. "This week we opened an exhibition by Pascale Martine Tayou, which we brought to the Paris Art Fair. We have three works here because her work dialogues with the theme chosen this year by the Fair about art and the environment", Salomé Zelic told us. , from the Galleria Continua. The 2022 Paris Art Fair allows you to find in the same space, a vast and comprehensive sample of the world of today's art.

Pascale Martine Tayou | P55.ART

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