5 exhibitions to visit in May 2022

5 Exposições a visitar em Maio de 2022

Female lens
Photography exhibition until 05/22/2022
The Portuguese Center for Photography presents an exhibition of its own production that aims to honor the women photographers represented in the National Collection of Photography. These are women who contributed to the excellence of the photographic narrative and broke with the preconceived concepts of a profession dominated by men.

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Through A Different Lens - Stanley Kubrick Photography
Photography exhibition until 05/22/2022
For the first time, Portugal knows another facet of US filmmaker Stanley Kubrick: that of photographer. The patent show at Cascais Cultural Center is curated by Sean Corcoran and Donald Albrecht and is born from the files of the Museum of the City of New York. There are 130 photographs, many of them never published, as well as Kubrick reports as a young photographer in the magazine Look, a publication in which the future director started working at 17. Before arriving at Cascais, the exhibition passed through Trieste, Italy.

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Unknown Territories: The creativity of women in modern and contemporary Portuguese ceramics (1950-2020)
Exhibition until June 26, 2022
The National Tile Museum has evident until June 26, 2022, the temporary exhibition "Unknown Territories: the creativity of women in modern and contemporary Portuguese ceramics (1950-2020)", a project that aims to investigate and make known the contribution of women Artists for the development of ceramic art from postwar to current. In the development of one of the relevant vectors of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union Council, the appreciation of the artist woman, gender equality, we seek to give protagonism to an inheritance of great importance and unsuspectedly vast. The exhibition integrates pieces of the National Tile Museum, as well as other public and private collections, from tiles to three -dimensional pieces, conceived and/or executed by women who excelled in this domain during the period considered. Works will be present by Gabriel Abrantes, Bela Silva, Candida Wiggan, Catarina and Rita Almada Negreiros, Clotilde Fava, Estrela Faria, Felipa Almeida, Fernanda Fragateiro, Graça Morais, Joana Vasconcelos, Maria Ana Vasco COSTA, Maria Emília Araújo, Maria Keil, Rita João, Sónia Sapinho, Teresa Cortez and Vieira da Silva, among other artists with tiles and ceramic work. Several initiatives will take place in parallel at the National Tile Museum, aiming to give visibility to the project.
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Maria Eugénia & Francisco Garcia a collection
It is evident to the public until May 29, 2022, at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, in Lisbon, the Maria Eugenia & Francisco Garcia exhibition a collection.Maria Eugénia and Francisco Garcia constituted, in the 1960s and 1970s, a collection of art that expresses the transformations of artistic taste of a cosmopolitan bourgeoisie, increasingly disconnected from the Estado Estado embarrassment, although it suffered its permanent consequences. Despite the colonial war, it was present that the regime was outlined and the culture was in the first line of the contestation.
“Friends of almost all exposed artists, Maria Eugénia and Francisco Garcia were also friends and admirers of José-Augusto França and sought his advice.Therefore, when one began to think of the collection, he wrote to the catalog his latest text at Jarzé's house when he was on the verge of turning 95. In this territory of friendships, stands out the permanent conviviality with Fernando Lemos, the artist with more works in the collection, Fernando Azevedo and Marcelino Vespeira, the 1952 exhibitors at Casa Jalco at Rua do Carmo where the adventure will have begun. ” by Raquel Henriques da Silva
“The engravings that make up this collection were produced in a pioneering time for the history of engraving in Portugal, and simultaneously very generous. This means that there was the intention, in particular with the founding of the Cooperative Practice (1956) of reaching a broader market, new audiences, and enhancing broad artistic experiences exploring creativity from the varied techniques of contemporary engraving.
Maria Eugénia and Xico Garcia (known in this way among friends) become both members of the engraving cooperative in the sixties, and in this quality had access to the periodic purchase and draw of engravings edited there, which constitute the wide base of the collection, besides of others acquired outwardly. And the Clube Cem CEM (1966) were part, which operated as an informal group of friends, lovers and collectors where works of art were drawn.It is a collection of very significant specimens and mostly of Portuguese authors, consisting of about seventy specimens. Only twenty seven are exposed, in addition to the multiples of Edgar Pillet, Sonia Delaunay, Vasarely who fall into serial production with distinct characteristics. This expository nucleus includes prints of authors who are only represented in this nucleus, works of engraving that complement others of painting by the same author, and significantly expressive works of the various techniques such as metal engraving, lithography, woodcut and screen printing. ” by Cristina Azevedo Tavares

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Origin of Sara Seabra
Painting exhibition until 11 June 2022
Sara Miguel He began his artistic career as a self -taught artist. Her formation in international relations, at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra, proved to be fundamental in the discovery of various artistic languages ​​with expression about the identity and the worldview. Graduated in classic ballet from Imperial Classical Ballet, she received two honorable mentions, the first referring to the José Estêvão Literary Prize (2014) and the second in the area of ​​painting in the Aveiro Young Creator contest (2019).She participated in the artzine "Ultra Violent", edition No. 11, with two works (2020). For two years he attended the Start-Teatro School of Stories Training and various dance stages at the Aveirense Theater from 2008 to 2012, some of them with the Naconal Ballet and Ballet Theater, with the Quorum Ballet company and the Jeune Company Genève Ballet. Member of the European Youth Parliament, representing José Estêvão Secondary School, which took place in Matosinhos (2013), she joined the organization of the National Meeting of International Relations Students at Coimbra University (2015).In the last years, Sara Miguel She has been dedicated to the fine arts, being recognized by painting, embroidered on photography and mixed techniques. She held a collective exhibition on Avenida Café-Recerto in Aveiro entitled “Black”.Origin ”is the new exposure of the painter. Second Sara Miguel: “For me the universe is full of origins, of various processes. One of these origins and its process is a blank screen. Of these creative processes, two collections have sprung up here today, although not in its entirety: the Raízes collection and the organic collection. These collections and other works that accompany them, address something very deep, with a certain enigmatic character (the puzzles of life), almost as if the various structures and plans we know, such as social, psychological, political , physical, emotional, referring to a puzzle where several pieces fit, removing or reconfiguring. These two collections and other works lead us to a position of question: What is the essence? The immaterial? What is the source, the origin of feelings and emotions? Reason or emotion? They seek to express, after constant research of shapes and lines, points and colors, this something that is in a gross, pure state, ready to be transformed. And here we return to the beginning of the process, we return to origin. ”

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