The everyday in the works of Albert Bonet

O quotidiano nas obras de Albert Bonet

Who is Albert Bonet?

Albert Bonet (Riba-Roja d'Ebre, Tarragona, 1996) trained artistically at the Academy of Arts in Barcelona. He was selected in the DKV Fresh Art Young Art Competition, where he received an honorable mention at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (2015).
For Albert Bonet, art is a channel of expression that serves to shape feelings and ideas, using any field for that. The message that passes through his works is his point of view on the environment that surrounds us. A harsh reality to which he gives nuances of social criticism and transforms into everyday pop art.

Albert Bonet | Magazine | P55.ART

Albert Bonet's creative process

Albert Bonet says that his creative process: “always starts with an idea, which I may have walking down the street or at a colleague's house, and then I mature this idea for a few weeks, giving shape, drawing a lot, and then I find models, which are always people around me, my colleagues or people close to me, I do a photo session with them and then I edit these photos until I make a photo montage very close to the idea I had initially, always taking it to my territory, adding social criticism, which, given the state of things in the world, is a lot of work. The last step is oil painting, shaping, getting the oils and locking yourself in the house until the idea comes out.”
In an interview with Art Madrid, he talks about his inspiration: “When it comes to creating, what inspires me the most is my surroundings, all of my surroundings. The places I go to, the objects I use daily in my house, my friends, my companions' houses, the city where I live, the cities I go to most often, everything that surrounds me. My everyday life is what inspires me when I create.”

Albert Bonet | Magazine | P55.ART

Graffiti, Tattoo and Oil Painting

Albert Bonet is a multidisciplinary artist who started out in graffiti and tattooing, and these two disciplines contributed to his work as a painter, as the artist stated: “Graffiti, tattooing and painting are artistic facets that complement each other perfectly because you can apply concepts from one to another. In the end, they all have an individual magic that fills me a lot and I don't want to stop doing any of them.” Currently, the technique he feels most comfortable with is oil, mainly because of its versatility.
Winner of the International Painting Prize in the Realism category at the latest edition of the FIABCN (International Art Fair in Barcelona), Albert Bonet's work is characterized by acidic social criticism inspired by his closest environment. Through this interpretation of the world that surrounds him, this young artist shows a conceptual and technical maturity, which interferes in his work by playing with POP themes and with a markedly realistic style.

Albert Bonet | Magazine | P55.ART

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