What is Pastiche Art? 5 Artists to Know

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Have you ever seen a work of art that resembles an acclaimed piece or is very similar to an artist's style? There is a strong chance that the artwork is a pastiche. But what is pastiche? Pastiche art uses the distinct image or style of another work of art, while still infusing the artist's own style. This allows artists to celebrate the greats in art history, whether paying homage or declaring a sociopolitical statement. Pastiche is nothing new and has been used as a method to create art for years. There are many successful pieces that pay homage to famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, among others. Find out which P55.ART artists create pastiche works of art here.

Manuel Terán

Manuel Terán, visual artist, painter, offers the viewer a set of different tributes to contemporary geniuses, such as Yayoi Kusama, Frida Kahlo, Lucio Fontana, among others. He has already exhibited in Milan, Santiago de Chile, Murcia, Madrid, Toledo, Valencia and Cuenca. The most recent project, Retrato Capital, was launched at Fundación Caja Madrid (Espacio para el Arte, Madrid) and at art galleries in Madrid, Bilbao, León and Pamplona. since 2000, Manuel Terán works with digital art in projects of digital naturalness in collaboration with other artists, focusing on the field of aesthetics and the creation of hybrid supports for creation. The last work in the area of multidisciplinary creation of the ORBITA project, focuses its interests on the coherence of the use of new technologies, investigating recent technological supports and programs for their diversification. He currently resides in Spain and works on an IDCOM short film project and as art director for Intact01, Interfaz.

João Lima

João Lima celebrates art and honors famous artists by infusing its style with characteristics of the painters it appreciates. The Portuguese artist is inspired by the favorite characters of all children. Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, among others, are the protagonists of his paintings that seek inspiration from the great masters of contemporaneity. An example of this is the influence of Fernando Botero, the renowned Colombian painter and sculptor known for his volumetric stylization of figures and objects, and for his comprehensive use of everyday life, historical art references such as the Mona Lisa and abuses of power. All these characteristics of Botero's exaggeratedly round figures are unified with Disney characters. Although the use of these figures is common, it is still exciting to see the productions of the Portuguese artist João Lima, due to the way it celebrates childhood and all the characters loved by “kids and adults”.

François Farcy

With a new attention given to the common object and its transformation, François Farcy (1994) creates works inserted in a mass culture. The French artist explores various elements, from mannequins with the human figure to animal sculptures. With intense, fluorescent and vibrant colors, he metamorphoses his pieces, giving them a new aesthetic aspect. The influence of artists such as Basquiat and the pop art movement. The massification of capitalist popular culture and the aesthetics of the masses are revealed through pieces with symbols of brands or popular elements. Exploring various supports, François Farcy offers an attentive look at current culture in a spontaneous and emotional way.

Talita Barbosa

Talita Barbosa is a Portuguese-Brazilian painter graduated in Fine Arts from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, in São Paulo. The artist has been creating paintings with acrylic paint on 3D canvas, with strong and vibrant colors, always outlined by a precise contour that brings a striking contrast between the elements of the work. With a modern touch, Talita Barbosa takes inspiration from iconic people, classic artwork, pop art and comics, to produce vibrant pieces that can help you add modern, modern vibes to your home. “I believe that we all need color in our lives to face the day with enthusiasm” - Talita Barbosa. the works of Talita Barbosa, with the iconic figures, Elvis, Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse, have already been presented in individual and group exhibitions in Portugal and Brazil.

Alota Ribeiro

Alota Ribeiro is a plastic artist born in Guimarães, Portugal, who masters several artistic techniques — engraving, linoleum cutting, collages, painting and manufactures part of the paper she uses in the supports for painting. Her creative process is mainly composed of portraits, stories of individuals that reveal human emotions that are linked to her daily life and the artistic universe, producing images that personify her and clarify the social state in which she is inserted. It thus portrays the experiences, which are often negative, and the appeal to observation and the power of imagination to the spectator. “Realism is for me my only manifesto. Painting requires a lot of observation, waiting time, experimentation and correction. Painting is the magic moment of colors, brightness, shadow, opacity, transparency... it is the beginning of a result that is always surprising.” — Alota Ribeiro

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