Ukraine launches 'Museum' of NFTs to preserve the country's history

Ucrânia lança 'Museu' de NFTs para preservar a história do país

Ukraine will launch an NFT museum "to preserve Ukraine's state and history," said Alex Bornyakov, the country's deputy minister for Digital Transformation. Bornyakov revealed plans for the site, titled “Meta History: Museum of War,” on Twitter. The site also includes a “warline”, a timeline of events, each accompanied by a corresponding NFT. Each of the NFTs features a tweet about a significant moment in the war, along with an illustration by various Ukrainian artists. An NFT, for example, features a NATO tweet urging Russia to stop the invasion on the 3rd of the war at 4:40 pm Ukrainian time. The accompanying graphic shows a compass with an attached megaphone illustrated by artist Alina Kropachova.

Ukraine | P55.ART

So far, only the first three days of the war have been documented. The NFTs will be available for sale on March 30th starting at 0.15 ETH, currently valued at around US$475. Proceeds from sales of the NFTs go directly to the Ministry of Digital Transformation.
Twitter Meta History describes the project as a fight against the Russian spread of fake news and used propaganda. “Disinformation is used by Russia on an equal footing with deadly military weapons in Ukraine. The NFT-museum is based on a deep intention to keep the memory of real war events via blockchain and to get charitable donations to support Ukraine.”
Another tweet states: “Imagine an undefined chain of information that is visible to everyone but cannot be changed by anyone. It seems like a perfect solution to immortalize the real facts!”

Ukraine | P55.ART

Anything can be immortalized using blockchain technology. In the case of Meta History, the Ministry is using tweets from international government bodies and officials as verified event markers. The project follows numerous successful fundraising campaigns using NFTs. The UkraineDAO NFT project, led by Pussy Riot member Nadya Tolokonnikova, has raised over $5 million. It was just one of many efforts put together by the community.


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