The pets of contemporary artists

Os animais de estimação dos artistas contemporâneos

Artists and their animals
Animals have inspired artists since the earliest cave paintings of deer and bison - and cats, dogs, birds and other pets have continued to aid creativity with their beauty, humour, companionship and cuteness. Find out in this list all about some of the greatest visual artists and animal relationships and the incredible work they inspired.

One of the most influential artists of the 20th century, who was born in Spain in 1881, he created over 50,000 works of art in his lifetime - including 12,000 drawings, thousands upon thousands of prints, 2,880 ceramics, 1,885 paintings, over 1,000 sculptures and countless tapestries and rugs. Picasso adopted Lump the dachshund in 1957 and the dog appeared in 54 of the painter's works. lump andPicasso they were together for sixteen years and died within months of each other.

Pablo Picasso | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

Salvador Dalí 
the surrealist artist Salvador Dalí he had not only a cat but also two ocelots, Babou and Bouba. This species is a dwarf leopard native to Latin America. Sound kinda dangerous? The entertainers also had an anteater.

Salvador Dalí | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

Frida Kahlo
Another exotic animal lover was Frida Kahlo which had several animals, from dogs, birds, monkeys and even a deer called Granizo. These animals kept him company through the ups and downs of his life.Frida Kahlo was an incredibly influential Mexican painter best known for her self-portraits. The life ofFrida Kahlo it was marked by tragedy and pain—she contracted polio at age six, which permanently damaged her right arm, and was in a bus accident that broke her back.Frida Kahlo kept many pets - several pet monkeys, xoloitzcuintli ("Mexican Hairless") dogs, parrots, parakeets, macaws, chickens, a pet eagle named Gertrudis Caca Blanca ("Gertrude White Shit"), and a deer named Granizo. He often painted his animal companions. In the 1946 painting The Wounded Deer,Frida Kahlo expresses the pain felt through the body of a deer.

Frida Kahlo | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

Andy Warhol
Popular figures and everyday American objects created a new artistic movement, in whichAndy Warhol (1928-1987) was one of the protagonists. The American artist, who started his career as an illustrator in several magazines, became one of the pop art. Marilyn Monroe, coca-cola bottles, brillo boxes and Campbell's soup cans were reproduced in series with different colors using the silkscreen technique. Giving a new aesthetic order to everyday objects, the American artist analyzes a society submerged in consumerism. His studio, which he called The Factory, became a center for encounters, artistic production and enjoyment of modern life. In addition to being a visual artist, he was also a photographer, filmmaker and producer of the famous album with a banana on the cover of the band Velvet Underground.In fact, anyone familiar with the work ofAndy Warhol knows his first funny drawings of cats. In 1954,Andy Warhol published a book of lithographs called "25 Cats Name Sam and One Blue Pussy".Andy Warhol and her mother had several cats at the same time.

Andy Warhol | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

Paul Klee
The cats that accompanied him throughout his life were not only pleasant company for the artist, but also partners, inspiration and, at times, mentors. One of the favorite techniques ofPaul Klee was to scratch the layer of paint with something sharp. And who better than cats could teach him this difficult technique?

Paul Klee | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

David Hockney
London-based painter and photographer, influential in the "pop art" movement in the 1960s. At 75, Hockney remains active, having two dachshunds, named Stanley and Boogie.

David Hockney | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

René Magritte
He was a Belgian surrealist, famous for his quirky and witty paintings that were supposed to play with viewers' perception of reality and truth. A great, and perhaps most famous, example of the sense of humor and philosophy of his art was in the painting "The Betrayal of Images", where a pipe is depicted along with the painted 'caption' "Ceci n'est pas une pipe". . René Magritte married Georgette Berger in 1922 and they subsequently adopted a dog, Lou-Lou.

René Magritte | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

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