The New Artists of P55.ART (October 2022 Issue)

Os Novos Artistas da P55.ART (Edição de Outubro de 2022) | P55 Magazine | p55-art-auctions

Every day new artists sign up on P55.ART, however our platform already has more than a thousand artists, and the following question arises: Who are the new artists on P55? Discover in this article five young people belonging to the new generation of artists at P55.ART, full of new ideas that contribute to an increase in the diversity of cultural expressions.

Rita Melo

Rita Melo, Portuguese plastic artist, born in 1982 in the city of Porto, with training at the University School of Arts of Coimbra in the field of Painting, Post-Graduate at the University of Fine Arts of Lisbon and Master in Visual Arts from the University of Évora. His painting is assumed by the irony evident in the pictorial and conceptual conception. Mostly in large proportions, his creative process is born from photography. His antagonistic figures, where chance is invited to participate, support humor and irony.
“His paintings transport us to a constant synesthesia between a past opposed to an imagery look at the future, in which the present only seems to work with the articulation of these two (in) temporal states. His work takes us to a set of images, which, in their interpretation, play with a contradictory language in their symbolic and semantic sense, but which, on the other hand, reflect a chaotic view of current reality. It is also, in a symbiosis with pictorial expressiveness and the iconic rigor of the stereotyped image, that Rita Melo communicates our place in the present, with a process of construction/evolution, in which the past is always a starting point for a new life, a recycling, a neo –(…). It doesn’t mix – it reinvents itself.” — Teresa Melo

Hugo Castilho

Hugo Castilho creates an intimate universe, combining his taste for fantasy and drawing with relief of the line. Based on the surface, the drawing, modeled and painted, emerges as a three-dimensional work. In this meeting, life is celebrated in an inclusive, ethical and humorous way, by embracing as vehicles of figurative expression: humans, animals and nature.
Hugo Castilho was born in Setúbal in 1995, graduated in Visual Arts - Multimedia variant in 2016 at the University of Évora and, in 2021, completed a Masters in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. He individually exhibited his artwork in 2017 and 2019 at the Espaço das Artes da Casa da Cultura de Setúbal, and in 2022 at the Arte Periférica Gallery at the Centro Cultural de Belém. Collectively exhibited at Zetgallery in Braga in 2019, and at Drawing Room Lisbon at Sociedade Nacional de Belas-Artes in 2021, represented by Galeria Arte Periférica. Currently, he is focused on producing high-relief paintings and writing non-fiction novels.

Talita Barbosa

Talita Barbosa is a Portuguese-Brazilian painter graduated in Fine Arts from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, in São Paulo. With a style inspired by pop art and comic books, the artist produces paintings with acrylic paint on 3D canvas, using strong and vibrant colors, always outlined by a precise contour that brings a striking contrast between the elements of the work.⁠ "I believe that we all need color in our lives to face the day with enthusiasm" — Talita Barbosa⁠

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Mafalda David

Mafalda David is a Portuguese graphic designer based in Faro, Portugal. Over the past 10 years, he has been working in studios and with agencies, as well as various personal and commissioned projects.⁠ "Inspired when in movement I like to absorb new ideas and concepts from different realities, cultures and styles, finding a message in each new experience." — Mafalda David⁠

Catarina Ferreira

Catarina is a self-taught artist in painting, with a degree in tourism. He usually says that he has known he is an artist since he was able to hold a crayon for the first time. Since the pandemic, he has left the corporate world behind and developed his art, creating vibrant works full of light and joy. There is something magical about seeing the beauty of flowers and plants and being able to turn them into beautiful abstract paintings. He paints on canvas and paper, the latter being his most collected type of work. Your work comes intuitively, letting your body and emotions guide your movement. The creative process is her therapy, the place where she feels more like herself as she seeks the life and positivity that this world of ours offers. Use acrylic, pastel, charcoal, oil, graphite, colored pencils and even elements from your garden. She spends her days at home painting in her studio, inspired by the simplicity of everyday life and nature. Your paintings are extensions of your garden. She currently lives in Cascais with her husband and dogs and spends her time traveling between Cascais and Alentejo, where her family is original and where she feels at home.

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