This week in the MEET THE COLLECTOR series we present João Mouzinho, dentist at Molar Clinic. Since childhood, João Mouzinho had a great love for health,the fruit of a family linked to Medicine. With great effort, he became a dentist and in 2014 he opened his own Molar Clinic. In addition to his passion for medicine, he is a big fan of art, especially contemporary art. This admiration grew in the street, more specifically thanks to national and international artists who exhibit for free in public spaces. meet the collection of Joao Mouzinho here.

Tell us how this admiration for Art started.
My admiration for art started from a very young age, but in an unconventional way. I've never been passionate about galleries, or "paid" exhibitions by artists, but what I've always been passionate about is the way some artists exhibit for free publicly, of course I'm referring much more to urban art, which was perhaps my first passion. I always loved discovering new cities, and the first thing I looked for in my travels were cities where art was on the street. Just think of Barcelona, we immediately think that we can get to know various forms of art, wandering through its streets. So, if you ask me where my next trip will be, I'll surely answer that I'm going to look for a city where you can breathe art!

Bordalo II | Magazine | P55.ART

As a good connoisseur, I like to surround myself with great artists, especially if they are Portuguese! Can you choose an exhibition that marked you significantly?
Regarding the exhibition that I was most passionate about, I have many in mind, but the best memories I have were visiting the places where authors produce their works.. I remember as if it were today, seeing, for example, the master João Cutileiro in his studio / house in Évora, working the stone as if it were something enchanted. Amazing how it is possible to work on a stone, and transform it into something so beautiful and timeless. Whenever I look at a sculpture I have produced by him from a tree in Marble, I remember the smell of the stone being cut in his studio. What good memories! I still remember that whenever I visited him, he asked me to bring him Dental Medicine drills, so that he could create his small sculptures in Stone... What beautiful memories I have of Mestre.

What are your favorite artists? What is your favorite art movement?
My favorite artistic movement is urban art, and my two references are the Bordalo II it's the Vhils, each one for different situations... TheBordalo II for its ability to take wasted materials, which contaminate the planet, and to transform it into animals that represent the best the planet can maintain. It is clearly a demonstration of a cry of revolt, for the destruction of the planet. my passion for Vhils comes from childhood and my taste for sculpture, 3D, the transformation of something 2D into a movement, a face, a memory. I'm sure many fans of the Vhils, appreciate the way in which an explosion or a pneumatic hammer makes it possible to transform a wall into a face, an image, a memory. Another artist I appreciate is Joana Vasconcelos, and I am totally in love with the way it "protects" and transforms a work by Bordalo Pinheiro, which brings me so many memories from my grandparents' house. Who would have thought that a piece by Bordalo Pinheiro could be protected with something as sensitive as crochet. In other words, joining something as typical and representative of the strength and culture of women in Portugal as crochet, protecting a work of ceramic, so fragile, that it creates so many memories in Portuguese families.

Joao Mouzinho | Magazine | P55.ART

What is your perception of the state of the art in Portugal? What are the themes that should be discussed more in the art world?
Regarding the state of the art in Portugal, I think it's ok and it's recommended. For some reason I only have works by Portuguese artists, because for me, in addition to Portuguese artists, they are citizens of the world, who raise the name of Portugal internationally. Just think that some of our best artists exhibit in the biggest galleries and museums abroad. I do not consider that the themes of art have to be more or less debated, I think that the government and the Ministry of Culture should help raise the name of these artists abroad. If they looked at art as they look at football, we would surely have the best artists in the world with the flag of Portugal.

Bordali II | Magazine | P55.ART

What cultural events are you most looking forward to visiting in 2022?
I'm not looking for any event in 2022, I'm looking to meet more artists, the way they work, what they are inspired by, and to see their daily work live. If you ask me my wishes for the next few years, it is surely to be with the best artists in the world.

In recent years we have seen a paradigm shift, with the art world becoming increasingly digital. Online sales have been growing exponentially, and recently, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) appeared, the big news in the art world.What are your prospects regarding the online market and NFTs?
The online market and NFT's they are no longer the future, they are the present! Anyone who thinks otherwise is sorely mistaken. Now I think there are two ways of looking at art. Physical art is for lovers like me, who like to see art, touch art, smell art. The online world is for dreamers, and in my view, much more a form of business than passion, that is, the online world, in my view, was made to be sold, exchanged, earn and lose money.. Physical art is much more than that... It's the pleasure of going out on the street and seeing a beautiful work, which impacts our senses... As you've already noticed I'm much more of the carnal pleasure of art, than the business world of online and NFT's . If you ask me if my next work will be physical, I'm absolutely sure it will!

Bordalo II | Magazine | P55.ART

I've been collecting art pieces for some time now. What is your favorite work in your collection?
I've been collecting art since I became a Dentist. All my savings had a purpose, which is to be able to have artists in my house. But if you ask me if I have a favorite, I don't... I like to go inside and breathe in the art of Bordalo II, Vhils, Joana Vasconcelos, but I can't get any favorites. For me, art is like children, we love everyone equally without having favorites, everyone tells us something, and everyone has something special!

If you had the possibility to choose a work of art for your personal collection, which one would it be?
Here I will be contradictory, but I would choose a foreigner. It would undoubtedly be an original banksy, because for me it is the world reference of the art that I am passionate about, urban art, made publicly, for everyone to appreciate. Yes, it's not Portuguese, but it would open a space for your work!

Bordalo II | Magazine | P55.ART

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