Ideas to decorate your office

Ideias para decorar o seu escritório

Ideas to decorate your office

Your office walls are blank canvases waiting for your creativity! Your workspace can become a great source of inspiration for your daily tasks with the right decoration. In addition to the decorative aspect, works of art offer endless possibilities, thus expanding your mind and inspiration. Get new ideas that will help you create an amazing space in which your creativity and motivation can flourish. This article is full of ideas for redefining your workspace in a personalized and inspiring way.

Idea 1 - Put photos on the wall

Do you like photography? Decorate your office walls with your favorite works. Transform your workspace into your own personal gallery.

Idea 2 - Display works by your favorite artists

Are you inspired by the works of art by José de Guimarães uu prefer the paintings of Joan Miró ? Display a work that inspires you and increases your creativity. Art helps to reduce stress! Look for elements that demonstrate your personality. Awaken the creative side in you!

Joan Miró | P55 Magazine | P55 - The Platform of Art

Joan Miró

Idea 3 - Suspended shelves for minimalist decor

Sometimes less is more! Do you have decorative objects, frames or books that you want to put in your office? Hanging shelves are the best solution as they don't take up much space and will give your office a minimalist look.

Idea 4 - Decorate with objects that inspire and motivate you

We all needed inspiration! Objects that remind us of our dreams and desires help us to go further. Put an object in your office that will help you in the most difficult days.

Idea 5 - Works of Art with natural elements

Change your environment by introducing therapeutic elements from nature into your wall decor. Artwork with plants, flowers or natural scenes makes the space more serene and is a way to lighten working hours.

Pedro Narra | P55 Magazine | P55 - The Platform of Art

Pedro Narra

Idea 6 - Keep the space organized

Having an organized environment will help you to focus more easily on your work. Organizing the space correctly, placing the objects you regularly need close to you, makes your office cleaner and more organized. Do not accumulate unnecessary objects or papers. Clean regularly!

Idea 7 - A touch of color

In decoration, color is one of the determining factors for changing the ambience of a space. Strong tones will transform your office into a more modern, risky and irreverent place. Meanwhile, light colors or neutral tones will give more emphasis to decorative objects.

Joana Duarte | P55 Magazine | P55 - The Platform of Art

Joana Duarte

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