Helena de Medeiros

Helena de Medeiros



Helena de Medeiros, born in Porto, trained at the London Fashion School and School of Arts and Design, which she attended, is one of the most recent national inspirations abroad. Currently responsible for the costumes at La Scala, in Milan, he has given design custom a very unique interpretation, present across all of his work, and centered on the bird and the interpretation of its symbolism.

His passion for scenography makes him one of the most praised artists in this universe, having formed a solid and enviable path with some of the most prestigious ballet companies in the world, passing through countries such as Portugal, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Chile, Brazil , United States and China. From the list of Opera Houses, which could correspond, in our country, to the Teatro São Carlos, but with a much larger dimension, are part of the Opera House Basel, Opera House, Dortmund, Opera House Nuremberg, Opera House Hannover, Theatherhouse Stuttgart, Les Grands Ballets de Montreal, Teatro Municipal de São Paulo, Teatro San Carlo Napoles and Teatro Alla Scala.

Also reference creators surrendered to the lines of freedom, movement, expansion and elegance and subtlety of what they produce, earning him collaborations with them. We are talking about names like Eric Gauthier, Gradimir Pankov, Iracity Cardoso, Louis Robitaille or Mauro Bigonzet.

Not only on fashion, and on what she brings to this world, however, Helena has focused her work. It is a distinct and characteristic area of the artist, which increasingly arouses the curiosity of an audience interested in new trends and expression movements. However, his path begins with painting, which he has known since 1990, when he began to exhibit individually.

Today, she is one of the most complete contemporary artists, together with the paintings she paints, and through which she manages to establish a dialogue with the costumes she creates, with poems of her own authorship. It was, in fact, in this record that it began to be sought after internationally and, in recent times, it has become a new artist in one of the most reputable art galleries in the city that has seen it grow: P55, in Porto. The space, young and innovative, is also known for the bet that, since the first day, it has been making in new talents, as is the case of the artist. "Helena de Medeiros has brought to P55 a touch of boldness and movement that attracts attention and arouses curiosity with each work, revealing itself in one of the most successful collaborations with the house, a Portuguese signature", reveals Aníbal Faria, CEO of the gallery.

National recognition is now beginning to be felt in a way that not only reflects the pride in the work of someone who manages to sign in Portuguese in large foreign houses, but also has a real impact on those who come across Helena's work. "O Tripeiro", a renowned magazine in the area, dedicated several pages to the same influence that the artist has, very focused on customary design, which is also manifested in her collaborations with Ballet Gulbenkian, Companhia Nacional de Bailado or CAM (Centro of Modern Art). The pieces he creates are still disputed at auctions with great participation, confirming the quality of an artistic expression that needs no introduction and that, in the case of custom designs, make us dream of alternative red carpets, where the imagination takes on new contours and everything seems to be possible.

With Helena de Medeiros, we managed to unveil a unique trait in everything she does, which is recognized in a painting, in her writing or even in the costume that goes on stage; although all this happens very naturally.

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