Best Sellers of Young Blood 2021

Best Sellers of Young Blood 2021

Artists in the early stages of their careers have the most to prove to make a name for themselves in the process. Consciously or not, artists working today are absorbing and harnessing the uncertainty, sadness, pain and occasional joy of the present, and channeling them into their paintings and drawings, sculptures and montages, films and digital animations. What were the young artists who managed to be promising at P55?This year, we feature 5 emerging artists who are pushing contemporary art forward through their work, both urgent and moving. The themes and materials explored by these artists are varied, daring figurative painting, mysterious reflections of the present, identity-oriented portraits, abstraction imbued with spirituality and an embrace of artisanal techniques. Discover in this list the artists who have distinguished themselves in this field.

1. Joana Duarte
The compositions ofJoana Duarte describe the essential lines of painting: color, shape, texture and movement. In his works with great abstract influences, few elements are used with undefined limits that create interesting chromatic relationships of great subtlety. The splashes of color present in his painting offer the viewer a gateway to raw emotions and the immaterial, by preferentially exploring the tactile qualities and sensitive effects of color.

Joana Duarte | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

2. Sara Miguel
Influenced by the great painters of abstract art,Sara Miguel he rejects traditional painting and gives wings to his emotions and expressions in the pieces he produces. Their feelings are represented directly, through the movements formed on the screens, the colors and tonalities. The influence of artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock is predominantly denoted in his artistic expression. However,Sara Miguel offers a new element to her painting, by introducing lines from another medium other than paint - the artist introduces thread and fabric to her production, whether on canvas or in other elements.

Sara Miguel | Artists | P55.ART

3. Ana Lúcia Ventura

Ana Lúcia Ventura | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

4. François Farcy
With a new attention given to the common object and its transformation,François Farcy (1994) creates works inserted in a mass culture. The French artist explores different elements, from mannequins with the human figure to animal sculptures. With intense, fluorescent and vibrant colors, he transforms his pieces, giving them a new aesthetic aspect. The influence of artists such as Basquiat and the art movementpop. The massification of popular capitalist culture and the aesthetics of the masses are revealed through pieces with brand symbols or popular elements. Exploring various supports,François Farcy offers a close look at current culture in a spontaneous and emotional way.

François Farcy | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

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Best Sellers of Young Blood 2021

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