Artworks to celebrate World Oceans Day

Obras de arte para celebrar o Dia Mundial dos Oceanos

Artists who are inspired by the Oceans

World Oceans Day is celebrated on June 8, to remember the importance of these in the daily lives of all of us. Each year there is a central theme, chosen in order to discuss new ideas for preservation and protection of the oceans. From Monet to Katsushika Hokusai, countless artists have created works about the great oceans of this world. Due to their extraordinary relevance, these have become true references in the history of art. Discover in this article a selection of artists who are inspired by this theme for the construction of their works.

Noronha da Costa

In a constant investigation into the questions of perception,Noronha da Costa presented several works on the landscape, including the sea, throughout his artistic career. These pieces seek to provide the spectator with a poetic experience between reality, multiplication and blurring. The sea reminded the artist of his experiences as a child, having continually represented its memories in his works, exalting him practically as a romantic figure. This is the case of the work marine, in which there are twelve photographs that record the confrontation and constant contact between land and sea. Half of the photographs are displayed in focus and the other half out of focus, raising questions about duplicity and the viewer's own perception.

Noronha da Costa | P55 Magazine | P55 - The Art Platform

Marines in Noronha da Costa


Regina Gimenez

 The object and its transformation is the central element in the artistic practice ofRegina Gimenez. Through elements that refer to the idea of solitude and the search for an unknown place, such as boats, lighthouses, globes and maps, the Spanish artist builds pieces that invite us to question reality through metaphors. At work seas an image is conceived with support elements, that is, text, in order to open a dialogue about the transformation of objects. The great seas are portrayed in a small space, leading the viewer to question the meaning we make about them.


Regina Gimenez | P55 - Magazine | P55 - The Art Platformseas inRegina Gimenez


Amélie Ducommun

In a construction between maps and memories,Amélie Ducommun abstractly presents a particular perspective on the harmony of the seas. Allowing herself to be carried away by nature, the artist expresses her emotions, thoughts, memories on the surface of the canvases, in successive layers, transforming her paintings into an intersection of old and new ideas. the set of works water mapping pronounces on nature, in particular water.Amélie Ducommun he immerses himself in his imagination, in the movements and noises of the sea to create this dazzling set of works that map the surface of the water.

Amelie Duccommun | P55 Magazine | P55 - The Art Platform
water mapping inAmélie Ducommun

Ernani Oliveira

Ernani Oliveira express your artistic emotions with beautiful landscapes, which combine realism with geometry. In the selection of works available at P55, the artist's enthusiasm for Costa Nova beach can be seen, as he exhibits various perspectives on it. In an individual and unique way, it presents its charm and features, easily recognized by anyone who has walked along this coast.Ernani Oliveira tells the history of this land in its pieces, in a peculiar and dynamic way, by capturing the traces of the fishermen, the lighthouse and the houses with different and varied colors.


Ernani Oliveira | P55 - Magazine | P55 - The Art PlatformCosta Nova inErnani Oliveira


Carlos Martins Pereira

Dedicated to the landscape, Carlos Martins Pereira expresses his experiences through harmonious paintings of the sea. The lightness of the brushstrokes and the selection of pigments, heightened the sensitivity of his works. Sea of Straw II it is a pure landscape, which poetically portrays the connection between the sea and the sky, at an indefinite time of day. In a balance of elements, the possibilities of color, texture and pattern are explored, in order to express the artist's own personal vision of a memory.


Carlos Martins | P55 - Magazine | P55 - The Art PlatformCarlos Martins Pereira


Júlio Capela

On an adventure in search of beautiful landscapes, Júlio Capela has portrayed the harmony and sublime memories of the places he visits, in a different way, due to the different means he uses in his creations. From acrylic to watercolor passing through graphite, the artist uses various pigments that make his paintings appealing and vibrant. This is the case of the work Landscape made up of different colors that offer a new perspective on each area of the piece.Júlio Capela presents three disparate landscapes that are wrapped in a circle. Thus, in a simple way, it tells the story of the landscape, demonstrating its particularities in a peaceful and charming way, in a game between pigments, shadow and light.


Júlio Capela | P55 - Magazine | P55 - The Art Platform

Landscape inJúlio Capela


Mota Urgeiro

With an aesthetic of its own, Mota Urgeiro paints graceful landscapes that awaken the peculiarities of each location portrayed. These especially attract the observer for their placidity and peace, over welcoming places full of inspiration. At work Ericeira Beach with Hotel there is a close-up view of the coast and the sea. Nature is the main protagonist of this admirable landscape that invites us to travel through it with our eyes, in order to enter into the continuity of the space of this subtle and warm atmosphere. The brushstrokes full of colors give the necessary dimensions for the formation of the sea, the plants and the houses. There is a preponderance to characterize the forms more than the details, in the exuberant layers of pigment created. A sublime landscape that expresses the artist's personal view of a space he once visited.


Mota Urgeiro | P55 Magazine | P55 - The Art Platform Ericeira Beach with Hotel in Mota Urgeiro

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