5 Art Exhibitions to Visit in February 2022

5 exposições de arte para Visitar em Fevereiro de 2022

Do you already have plans for February? In order not to miss news from the artistic world, P55 has put together a list of five art exhibitions that will take place during the month of February. Take a look at this guide and discover the perfect proposal for you.⁠

1."Nobody. Just Me" by Belén Uriel at Centro de Arte Oliva
Belén Uriel is one of the artists whose work appears in the next exhibition at the Centro de Arte Oliva that opens on February 5th - “Ninguém. Só Eu”: presents the results of a residency coordinated by Antonia Gaeta around the exhibition Jaime: “I saw a dog of mine with wolves”. The resident artists are Ana Manso, Ana Santos, Belén Uriel, Francisca Carvalho, Jorge Queiróz, Mattia Denisse, Sérgio Carronha, Susanne Themlitz and Tropa Macaca. Restricted experience; Extensive descriptions; Complementarity between experience and description; Imagination and memory, these are the lines of force that Antonia Gaeta proposed that artists follow.

Belén Uriel | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

2."Molded in Darkness" by Hugo Canoilas at Gulbenkian
This solo exhibition presents an immersive and sensory installation that follows an investigation into the seabed initiated by Hugo Canoilas in 2020.O Modern Art Center invited Hugo Canoilas to produce a project specifically for the temporary exhibition gallery at the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum. Hugo Canoilas continues an investigation started in 2020, around life on the seabed and in «aquatic» environments, proposing an immersive and sensorial installation inhabited by creatures, paintings-sculptures in which the color, the textures, the organic and the fluidity confer an almost alchemical quality, as if they were, under our gaze and presence, in full metamorphosis.

Hugo Canoilas | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

3.“White Gloves” by Pedro Valdez Cardoso at Fernando Santos Gallery
Galeria Fernando Santos was created in 1993, in Porto, and was the first to be established on Rua Miguel Bombarda, known as the cultural artery of the city. Its main objectives are the dissemination of contemporary projects and artists, making them known to curators, institutions and audiences. Until March 12, the exhibition “White Gloves” by Pedro Valdez Cardoso is on display.
There was, once upon a time, a story that became a story with the duplicity of emotion and astonishment. Only the base image remains, like a fact experienced as a child, which survives only in the most spectacular contours. The facts, which are not so important for this case, are lost. In art, facts are secondary, even when they speak the truth. As in poetry, one pretends.“ (José Pardal Pina, December 2021)
Pedro Valdez Cardoso lives and works in Lisbon. He exhibits regularly since 2001, having participated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Portugal and abroad. The work he has been developing, with a greater focus on sculpture and installation, focuses mainly on issues related to identity (social, sexual and cultural) and post-colonial issues.

Pedro Valdez Cardoso | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

4."Error 417: Failed Expectation" and "The Hour Before Sunset" at Porto Municipal Gallery
Until the 13th of February, Galeria Municipal do Porto has two new exhibition projects on display – “Error 417: Expectativa Falhada”, curated by Marta Espiridião, and “A Hora Antes do Pôr-do-Sol”, by the artist Milena Bonilla, with curated by Juan Luis Toboso. In “Error 417: Failed Expectation”, curator Marta Espiridião focuses on notions of failure and success, particularly in relation to the capitalist economic context and the various structural constraints, such as ethnicity, gender or social condition. The two exhibitions have free admission and can be visited until February 13, 2022, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Municipal Gallery Porto | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

5.“The nude and the wood” by Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel in Culturgest Lisboa
Daniel Dewar (Forest of Dean, United Kingdom, 1976) and Grégory Gicquel (Saint-Brieuc, France, 1975) began their artistic collaboration in the late 1990s, while they were still university students. Its path began with the presentation in public space, and without prior notice, of long-lasting performances (eight hours a day) in which they reproduced, over and over again, the same gestures or the same apparently simple and mundane actions, such as bounce a ball off the floor or eat ice cream. This idea of commitment and task was allied, shortly afterwards, to an obsession with productive autonomy and independence from all types of third-party services, a circumstance that launched them on an epic journey towards the recovery of traditional crafts such as working in terracotta, wood , stone or textiles, and even for the design of the instruments with which they transform these materials.
The result of this work offers us glimpses of a world similar to ours, only slightly distorted: enlarged, fragmented, duplicated, merged, failed, miscegenated, metamorphosed, as if these objects were instances of a parallel universe where the absurd is not sign of an existential anguish but precisely of its opposite.

Culturgest Lisbon | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

"Side Facing The Wind" by Silvia Bächliat Culturgest Porto
The work of Silvia Bächli (Baden, Switzerland, 1956) resembles a visual inventory of subtle everyday experiences. Working almost exclusively in the field of drawing, the artist has been exploring, since the mid-1980s, a very narrow set of graphic resources – essentially line and color – through which she seeks to capture impressions and sensations that we experience every day. As the title of this exhibition indicates, the peculiar experience of our body affected by a crosswind can be the trigger for a set of works that aim to make visible the ineffable essence of this phenomenon. Bächli's drawings are essays: images that make approximations, necessarily incomplete and partial, of the intangible world.

Culturgest Porto | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

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