5 Best Art Podcasts

5 Melhores Podcasts sobre Arte

In recent years, there has been a boom in podcasts produced. With this new way of sharing, we can learn much more about art, anywhere, anytime. We can finally catch up with candid conversations with people from all corners of the art world – artists, gallery owners, dealers, historians, collectors, curators and enthusiasts. Private information from a field that many consider exclusive is now public. Want to learn more about the art world? How can artists find success? Influences from the art world? Find out in this list which is the perfect podcast for your tastes.

Art history is full of fascinating stories, and presenter Jennifer Dasal wants to share the unexpected, the slightly strange and the strangely wonderful for art lovers. Jennifer brings up the most fascinating questions in art history:Van Goghreally committed suicide? Was a British painter really Jack the Ripper? And how did the rivalry between Michelangelo and Raphael produce one of the greatest works of art of all time? Undoubtedly, art history is a lot more fun than we think, thanks to Jennifer Dasal.

ArtCurious | P55.ART

2.The Lonely Palette
With each episode of The Lonely Palette, creator and presenter Tamar Avishai picks an object of the day, interviews passers-by who delve deeply into the movement, social context, anecdotes and more. The podcast that brings art history back to the masses, one painting at a time.

The Lonely Palette | P55.ART

3.The Great Women Artists Podcast
Presented by curator and art historian Katy Hessel, The Great Women Artists Podcast highlights the women working in artistic production. A podcast that shows the fascinating connections between artists, poets, designers, musicians and creators, and how it is necessary to have a space reserved for voices and elevate women in the creative industries.

The Great Women Artists Podcast | P55.ART

4.Talk Art
Talk Art is presented by gallery owner Robert Diament and actor Russell Tovey. It's a podcast that instantly pushes the boundaries of how we should talk about art, taking an open, relaxed and always curious approach. With guests ranging from Laurie Anderson to Tracey Emin, it's no wonder that Talk Art has remained firmly at the top of the art podcast.

Talk Art | P55.ART

5.Art Laughs
Art Laughs is a breath of fresh air among art and culture podcasts. Presented by assistant curator Verity Babbs, the podcast provides a space for honest and humorous conversations about art with some of the funniest people in the UK.Art Laughs started as a YouTube series and has now made its way into the world of podcasts. In each episode, Verity asks her guests to talk about a piece of art of their choice. The podcast adopts a relaxed tone and at the same time demystifies the art world.

Art Laughs | P55.ART

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