5 incredible facts about the urban artist Invader

5 Incríveis Factos sobre o Artista Urbano Invader

Who is it Invader?
In the late 1990s, the French anonymous artist Invader It began to glue ceramic mosaics Space invaders - pixelated video characters from the video game with the same name - through the streets of Paris.Invader expanded your list to include pac-Man And other popular 8-bit characters. Currently, his works adorn cities around the world, from Los Angeles to Kathmandu. Along with these clandestine art of urban art, Invader He produced mosaics in Perspex panel, plywood and book covers. He also created paintings, drawings and serigraphs, in the same pixelized style. In 2019, Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti brought one of the works of theInvader For the International Space Station, about 248 miles above the Earth. Invader He has exposed internationally, with shows in Los Angeles, Paris, Brussels and Hong Kong, among other cities and the works of it are sold to high values. Discover here five facts about this fantastic artist.

1st fact
Invader It is the pseudonym, of a person born in 1969 and study at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. The Arcade Space Invaders game of 1978 became the main theme for the artistic project, produced with ceramic tiles that resemble mosaics or pixilations.InvaderHe quoted Space Invaders as 'the perfect icons of our time, a time when digital technologies are the heart of our world.'

Invander | P55.art

2nd fact
Using the tactics 'invasion waves', Invader Installs 20 to 50 of these 'Space Invaders' in public places in various cities. These 'invasions' began in Paris in 1998 and quickly spread to other cities of France. His works have already appeared in more than 30 countries and the most famous location is in the 'D' of the Hollywood sign, installed on the 1999 New Year's Eve. Invader Describes this project as 'urban acupuncture'.

Invander | P55.art

3rd fact
THEInvader It registers all parts that you perform, including the date and location, assigning each work a score between 10 and 100, depending on the success of 'invasion'. Each city wins your own classification by adding all the scores. Invader He estimates that up to 15% of his first jobs have already been removed. As a result, it currently installs your parts out of the easy reach.

Invader | P55.art

4th fact
Invader He was arrested for his interventions and is forbidden to enter into several countries. He works at night and wears a mask, and insists that his face is pixeled in the rare apparitions he does, as seen in the acclaimed documentary of Banksy Exit Through The Gift Shop (Invader He is the cousin of the central character of the movie Thierry Guetta, also known as Mr. Brainwash).

Invander | P55.art

5th fact
The highest altitude for one of the 'Space Invaders' was achieved by having flown to 22 miles above Earth on a balloon. The lowest artwork can be visited when diving on the Mexican coast. Since 2004,Invader He creates works of art with rubik's cubes, an art form he calls 'Rubikcubism'.

Invander | P55.art

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