5 Exhibitions to visit in November 2022

5 Exposições a visitar em Novembro de 2022 | P55 Magazine | p55-art-auctions

Which exhibitions should I visit during the month of November?

Some of the most anticipated exhibitions are here. From new works from up-and-coming creators to fascinating 20th-century artists, we recommend five national exhibitions that are worth a visit with the eyes of a lynx, attentive to the smallest detail.

1. Cindy Sherman: Metamorphoses in Serralves until 16 APR 2023

Cindy Sherman: Metamorphoses presents a series of works that span the artist's career from her beginnings to her most recent works. The exhibition was organized in dialogue with the artist and in partnership with The Broad Art Foundation, Los Angeles, an institution that has extensively collected Sherman's work for over thirty years. Mainly known for images in which she portrays herself as a model of her own work, embodying the role of female stereotypes conventionalized by the media in a wide range of characters and environments, Cindy Sherman photographs alone in her studio, acting as artistic director, photographer, makeup artist, hairdresser and interpreter of the role to play. The practice of portraiture that began decades ago is responsible for some of the most striking and influential images in contemporary art. For this ambitious presentation in Serralves, the museum's rooms will undergo a radical transformation, creating a theatrical setting to host the storyboard that the artist's photographs compose. The exhibition will also include an unprecedented work, especially designed for the Serralves Museum: an extensive photographic mural, which will give the exhibition an additional uniqueness.

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2. TYPE + DRAFTS + IDEAS Exhibition in Vacancy — Art and Knowledge Space until NOV 26, 2022

Krot & Krass are Björn Loki and Elsa Jónsdóttir. The Icelandic duo became known for their experimental text-based work exploring language: typography, words, and allusions. They reflect on reading in a broader sense and analyze the ability to share complex ideas and experiences through stratified, standardized and marked visual codes on multiple surfaces. The TYPE + DRAFTS + IDEAS exhibition is an introduction to the practice of Krot & Krass. Conceived as an installation, it features various type experiences, based on his research into Iceland's graphic history - from large murals to prints. His main research topic has been Höfdaletur, the only original Icelandic typeface, which dates back to the 16th century and was traditionally used for wood carvings. Höfdaletur can be quite indecipherable, and its use and development have been mystified. Höfdaletur was transmitted within the community; for the most part, it changed in the hands of each artist. At some point, this development stopped. Throughout their careers, artists have continued the development of Höfdaletur-as well as other Icelandic types such as Munkaletur, Fléttuletur, or Galdraletur, activating them through contemporary projects, and expanding their forms while honoring their history. and ancestry. TYPE + DRAFTS + IDEAS will also be an expansion point for the island through interventions in the public space: large-scale murals. Over the course of their two-month artist residency, Krot & Krass will carry out an investigation, accumulating new impressions and discoveries, which will be presented in the vacancy on December 3rd.

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3. Sarah Maldoror: Tricontinental Cinema at the Municipal Galleries — Torreão Nascente da Cordoaria until 27 NOV 2022

The work of filmmaker Sarah Maldoror is associated with the liberation struggles of several African nations in the 1960s and 1970s, which constitute the theme and backdrop of many of her films. Born in Gers, in 1929, the filmmaker emerged on the Parisian cultural scene in the mid-1950s, already using the adopted name of
Maldoror in allusion to the evil hero of the Corners of Maldoror
(1868) by the Count of Lautréamont, rediscovered and celebrated
by the surrealist poets and in which Aimé Césaire found "the iron man forced by capitalist society" (in Discourse on Colonialism, 1950).

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4. PLAYGROUND. Plant, Cut and Raise from The Spacers — NAVE Gallery until NOV 25, 2022

For Os Espacialistas, architecture is a game and an agricultural activity. In this exhibition, in a state of siege, they present as a starting point a set of works of a playful and random nature, resulting from various i-material collections that they cultivated over time in the surroundings of the body and the space where they walked. A set of works capable of all kinds of poetic connections, reflect architecture as a field of play, activity and gesture, endowed with real and imaginary affections and encounters. They are fragments of everyday life, home, school and work, resulting from the constant desire to play with the gestures of planting, cutting and lifting bodies, spaces and objects, each time better. Comparative games of difference and repetition, eternal returns that change their meaning and intensity according to the scale and position of works in civil construction. In this poetics of the game, architecture is the activity that anticipates human gestures, it is thought and affection in a promenade. And a sum of errors.

NAVE Gallery | Magazine | P55.ART

5. Visionaries-Architecture Triennale — Culturgest Lisbon

As part of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Culturgest presents the exhibition Visionárias, curated by Anastassia Smirnova with the SVESMI studio.
What are the views of people in architecture, arts, design and science who aspire to systematically change the world? This exhibition explores processes of creation and authorship
Visionaries who propose an alternative order and whose projects, more than mere physical and spatial structures, are ambitious and controversial prescriptions for planetary strategies. In many different forms, from bedroom scales to city models, these radical prototypes are open to being productively interpreted, not just replicated, by future generations.
In this group exhibition, the works presented are by Roger Anger & Anupama Kundoo, Aristide Antonas, bplus.xyz, Galina Balashova, Rohan Chavan, Dom Hans Van Der Laan & Caroline Voet, Ensamble Studio, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, MVRDV, Bruno Munari, Andrés Jaque/ Office For Political Innovation, Organization For Permanent Modernity, Selgascano, SVESMI, Studio SpaceStation, ABT Engineers, OBSCURA, Ultimate Compost Club, The Tokyo Toilet Project and Tomoaki Uno.
In the words of the team of curators: "The exhibition focuses on visions realized and achievable by people in architecture, the arts, design and science, who aspire to systematically change the world. impose an alternative order of things and design not just physical structures or objects, but ambitious and sometimes controversial prescriptions for future actions. New models and prototypes must not just be replicas, but productive interpretations of the current debate about planetary strategies they present. answers to the challenge of practice in the age of the next grand narrative How can radical views.

Culturgest Lisbon | Magazine | P55.ART

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