MEET THE GALLERY: Martín de Vidales

MEET THE GALLERY: Martín de Vidales

How did this lifelong passion for the art world begin?

My love for art has accompanied me since I can remember. A relative painted and from a very young age I tried to imagine how a painting could come out of paint cans. All this intensified when I went with a school excursion to the Prado Museum, I liked to buy postcards with my favorite works.

How was Martín de Vidales Art founded?

In my head the gallery was born long before I founded it. At some point I had the opportunity to make a job change and I saw it clearly, I wanted to work in art and I wanted to found my art gallery.

Can you point out which were Martín de Vidales Art biggest successes and challenges?

I opened the gallery in the first space in the Barrio de las Letras right after the pandemic lock down, that was a great challenge. Opening an art gallery in a world where we all still wore masks was difficult. Imagine what it was like waiting for people to pass through the gallery at a time when we were still afraid to leave the house. I think I had the greatest achievement when I was invited to participate in JUSTMAD for the first time in 2021. It was an incredible opportunity, and I am truly sincerely grateful.

Martín de Vidales Art has several projects simultaneously “in progress”. Are there any that are presenting you with specific challenges that you would like to share?

Each project is a challenge and that is something I like about working as a gallery owner. But perhaps this new stage in the new space in Lavapiés is the project that is giving me the most satisfaction. The new space has more than 90 m2 on two floors with different environments that provide great versatility when designing an exhibition. Establishing the gallery in Lavapiés is certainly now my star project.

Can you choose a Martín de Vidales Art exhibition that made a significant impression on you?

I cannot highlight just one, in each exhibition I put a lot of work and also a lot of lov and enthusiasm; all shows always carry an important part of me. Through the exhibitions I can connect with the works, read them, interpret them and join them to show them to people, in the end it is like sharing something of myself.

Which artists do you look forward to working with?

It would not be fair for me to give some names because there are many and the list grows. Very good work is being created and it would not be fair to leave anyone out.

What are your future plans for the gallery?

Continue representing artists and manage to take them to be part of the art market: to grow together. This requires a lot of work and you have to maintain the illusion. It is not easy but a good team with artists makes it much easier for both parties.

What advice would you give to artists looking to partner with a gallery?

That artists understand the work of a gallery and that they also understand their own work. The gallery invests a lot promoting artists and they must value it themselves. As in any other relationship, respect for mutual work strengthens any team.

What are the cultural events you most look forward to visiting in 2023?

Right now I am fully focused JUSTMAD. Of course there are other cultural events that I want to visit, but step by step.

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