Óscar García García (1978, Madrid) is director of PAC: Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo y independiente comisario. Degree in Art History from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Specialist in Tasación and Valuation of Artistic, Cultural and Collecting Assets by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. After working in museums, art galleries, fairs, festivals, the press and as an independent commissioner since 2008, he founds PAC, the leading platform for the promotion and diffusion of contemporary art in which he exercises as Director General.

Remember how you embarked on this passion of a lifetime for the world of art.

Bueno started from a very young age, I'm always interested in everything related to art and creativity. Little by little, I began to discover different artistic expressions that attracted me. Every time I wanted to know more about everything that surrounded this world and I decided to study Art History. Once I was immersed in theory I thought of moving on to practice, organizing different artistic projects.

With an artistic career of more than 20 years, can you decide which are the most extraordinary aspects of working in the world of art?

What I like the most and what I think is a privilege is working around artists and creative action. I am excited to be able to create or shape a project in which artists have a great role. My profile mixes the figure of the cultural manager and the commissioner, and I have successfully worked in different points within the Mercado del arte (museums, galleries, festivals, holidays, specialized press, houses of masters...), something that has given me a global vision.

He is the new director of JUSTMAD and JUSTLX, having held the position of general coordinator of the fairs, held in Madrid and Lisbon, for the last three years. How do you feel about this new opportunity?

The truth is that it is a great challenge and a great responsibility. JUSTMAD takes 14 years marking the pulse of the most current art and has become a reference within contemporary art. Great galleries, artists and commissioners have formed part of this project and I am very happy to be part of its history.

JUSTMAD | Magazine | P55.ART


How are you managing a fair? What are the possibilities and challenges of the art fairs?

It's not easy at all, je, je. A balance must be achieved where the basis is the artistic one, but without forgetting the commercial part. The three pillars in the management of a fair would be the galleries, its artists and the collectors, but beyond that there is much more, such as diffusion, promotion and the press; collaborators and sponsors; parallel activities; social networks and online platforms… The challenge of the holidays is to achieve all this successfully in order to continue bringing the enjoyment and purchase of art to everyone in the world. And in this way, achieve that the gears of the art market keep turning.

What are the big news for the 2023 editions?

JUSTMAD returns to its origins in this new edition, making a commitment to make known the new galleries and artists that will lead the artistic panorama of the immediate future. In this way, 50% of the galleries of this edition participate for the first or second time, consolidating themselves as a discovery fair. In addition to interventions, sculptures, performances and specific installations will complete the space of Palacio Neptuno to extend the creativity beyond the galleries, in a show that breaks the boundaries of emerging art.

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He has been working in the Iberian market. Do you consider that there is a difference between the art market, Portuguese and Spanish?

The Portuguese art market is a very international and booming market, driven by the second home real estate boom. Where he plays a very important role, his eagerness to stimulate Portuguese collecting.

In addition to being director of JUSTMAD and JUSTLX, he is also co-founder of PAC. How did the foundation of this platform come about?

PAC Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo appears more than 12 years ago, as a result of the absence of a solo platform dedicated to more current art. PAC is an independent platform for the dissemination and promotion of contemporary art. The work of PAC in the diffusion of current art is reflected on its website ( where it works as an online periodical or a digital magazine, publishing news, articles, reviews, interviews... all about emerging and contemporary art. In terms of promotion, PAC works as a cultural manager creating, organizing or curating artistic and cultural projects of its own or created for museums, galleries, fairs, festivals, foundations or brands.

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PAC Contemporary Art Platform

Along the way of his career, he has been involved in the organization of cultural events and has published the book “God saves contemporary art”, with the editorial Paidós from Grupo Planeta. From your point of view, is art in crisis?

For nothing, I believe that art has a good health and is found in a very interesting moment, where it can help us each one of us to be better. It has become a very important tool for social transformation. Art helps us to reflect, to be more united, to be more critical and more free. Hence the importance of art in society.

God Save Contemporary Art| Magazine | P55.ART

"God save contemporary art" by Óscar García with the editorial Paidós from Grupo Planeta.

In your opinion, what are the main current trends in the world of art? What topics would you like to see more discussed?

There are many trends that are strongly highlighting these moments, such as expressionism in postinternet art, contemplative minimalism, urban art, multisensory installation art, pop surrealism, the new peak of painting…

What are the new artists who have transformed the current artistic scene? What artists have you recently discovered that fascinated you?

Many of the artists that I have recently been interested in will be at JUSTMAD 2023 and I hope that they will form part of the transformation of the current artistic landscape in the near future. Therefore, I invite you to visit and meet them in the new edition of JUSTMAD, from the 23rd to the 26th of February 2023 at the Palacio Neptuno in Madrid.

Can you choose an exhibition that had a significant impact on you?

I have enjoyed a lot recently with the exhibition by Guillermo Mora, “A bridge from which to stand” at Sala Alcalá 31 in Madrid.

Guillermo Mora, “Un puente donde quedarse” | Magazine | P55.ART

“Un puente donde quedarse” by Guillermo Mora

What are the cultural events you most expect to visit in 2023?

Of course, the JUSTMAD (Madrid) and JUSTLX (Lisbon) holidays… je, je

What is your advice for young artists, curators, producers, among other agents, who are currently taking their first steps in this world?

That is very much the day of everything that goes on in the world of art, that visit and know galleries, fairs, artists, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, festivals...

Finally, if you have the option of choosing a work of art for your “personal collection”, which would it be?

Which choice is more difficult… it's very complicated to choose, because it's impossible: Las Meninas by Velázquez.

Las Meninas by Velázquez | Magazine | P55.ART

Velazquez's Girls

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