MEET THE ARTIST: Catarina Ferreira

MEET THE ARTIST: Catarina Ferreira

Catarina Ferreira is a self-taught artist in painting, with a degree in tourism. He usually says that he knows he is an artist since he managed to hold a crayon for the first time. Since the pandemic, he left the corporate world behind and developed his art, creating vibrant works full of light and joy. There is something magical about seeing the beauty of flowers and plants and being able to transform them into beautiful abstract paintings. paint on canvasand paper, the latter being his most collected type of work. Your work comes about intuitively, letting your body and emotions guide your movement. The creative process is her therapy, the place where she feels most herself as she searches for the life and positivity that this world of ours offers. Use acrylic paints, pastels, charcoal, oil, graphite, colored pencils and even elements from your garden. She spends her days at home painting in her studio, inspired by the simplicity of everyday life and nature. His paintings are extensions of his garden. She currently lives in Cascais with her husband and dogs and spends her time traveling between Cascais and Alentejo, where her family is originally from and where she feels at home.

He usually says that he knows he is an artist since he managed to hold a crayon for the first time. How did this passion for the world of painting begin?

The passion started for the art world and painting appeared later. I always loved drawing and coloring, I remember being delighted with a new box of colored pencils! I painted a lot of drawings that my mother printed for me, but always outside the lines of course! Painting came later with my father, who always had a huge talent for the arts. During my childhood, he started taking painting classes and I was super excited about the paintings he made. It was a pain in the ass for me to have to wait for the oil to dry so he could bring them home from school… But when they arrived it was a joy! I started stealing his brushes and paints and that's how I learned everything I know.

Catarina Ferreira 🇧🇷 Magazine | P55.ART

I know that you have undergone previous training in the area of tourism, as an introduction to your work, would you like to share how your move to the field of visual arts came about?

I've always been a very creative person, but art has never been more than a hobby. I finished my degree in tourism, I started working and art was forgotten. Nobody tells us that, although we really like the area we choose to follow, it often takes away our free time, energy and motivation to do everything we like. It is very important to find a healthy balance…
In March 2020, with the pandemic, I was dismissed from a job that I really liked and it left me feeling down. I went through a not so good time and I realized that, since I started college, I had never picked up a brush again. But it was art that made me want to color my life again. I used it as therapy and little by little I shared my paintings online. It was in an instant when I started selling my works and that's how I decided to change the course of my life.

Painting is a field open to countless possibilities. How is your creative process? How can you describe your daily process?

My creative process is quite simple. It involves calm, nature and the simple everyday moments that inspire me so much.
There is something magical about taking the beauty of flowers and greens and turning them into beautiful abstract paintings. That's how I found freedom and rediscovered creativity and that helps me to be positive every day because I showed myself that with passion and determination, we can always make our dreams come true. I'm self-taught and I paint intuitively, letting my body and emotions guide my movements. I am always surprised by all the colors I put on canvases! The creative process is my therapy - the place where I am most myself as I look for a slow, inspired life and all the light the world has to offer.

Catarina Ferreira 🇧🇷 Magazine | P55.ART

Your paintings, which are extensions of your garden, have a strong visual and abstract component. How do you feel your work affects the viewer and what effect do you hope it has on the world?

I feel that with painting, I found that balance I mentioned earlier. My days are no longer just about going to work and coming home, only to repeat them endlessly afterwards. Painting allows me to live a slower and more intentional life. I know what I want and where I'm going. I want my paintings to convey a sense of tranquillity, magic, simplicity. I want them to be a breath of fresh air for those who collect them and that when they look at them they feel serenity. May they be points of light, love and joy. With painting I now have time to enjoy all the little things in life and I hope my paintings are that little thing in someone's life.

In your “atelier” you work on several projects simultaneously: how many works do you currently have “in progress”? Are there any that are presenting you with specific challenges that you would like to share?

As I paint intuitively, my works are always a surprise. Generally, I keep the color palette, but spread out huge canvases and sheets around the studio. Then I paint slowly, a brushstroke here, a brushstroke there… I always work on many works at the same time. Right now, I'm between collections, building what will be next year's spring collection, and they all challenge me. Wouldn't it be fun if it was always easy!

Catarina Ferreira 🇧🇷 Magazine | P55.ART

Which artists have you inspired?

I am very inspired by the classics Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt and Monet. But my biggest inspiration is Studio Ghibli animation, with its incredible landscapes and breathtaking environments, which bring me a feeling of comfort, magic and nostalgia. I also have to mention the Portuguese artist Claudia Trongmo who lives a lifestyle that I love and aspire to and creates incredible paintings in an incredible landscape.

Finally, which artist do you dream of working with one day?

I cannot pinpoint an artist because there are many who inspire me. But I really liked working with Portuguese artists, in order to make our art known around the world and make art easier and more accessible to anyone.

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