12 Art Galleries to visit in Barcelona

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Barcelona has a concentration of artistic talent and a fascinating cultural offer. From one end to the other, Barcelona invites you to reflect on and enjoy contemporary artistic trends, thanks to its rich and varied artistic and cultural fabric.
After the heavy blow of the pandemic in the cultural sector, the great diversity of art galleries – and their intense activity – managed to reactivate the enriching cultural agenda of the city of Barcelona. For all these reasons, today we invite you to discover the 12 art galleries that you cannot miss in Barcelona.

1. Marc Domenech Gallery
Since 2013, Marc Domènech has been offering collectors small, well-selected works that go beyond their economic value. Since the opening of the space, they have sought to promote and defend the art of the 20th century with rigor and professionalism, a premise that also gave them the opportunity to explore new paths: to propose new and better exhibitions to help the new creation.Located at Passatge Mercader 12, the Marc Domenech Gallery brings together a set of fabrics, drawings and sculptures placed in the form of a mutable mosaic, as they argue that mobility "is one of the virtues of small things that are often not intended to occupy the walls of large museums, but to be contemplated in the most absolute intimacy and discretion.” Works by artists such as: Jaume Sans, Luis Claramunt, Jacques Léonard, Joan Rabascall, Óscar Domínguez, Vicenç Viaplana or Moisès Villèlia.

Marc Domènech Gallery | Magazine | P55.ART

2. Gallery Path
Senda Gallery stands out for its passion for creating, valuing and supporting talent, risk and commitment to the uniqueness of young and established artists nationally and internationally. Senda defends the individual value of each of its artists and avoids closed programs or unidirectional lines of thought. Undoubtedly, Gallery Path it is a commitment to the diversity and richness of multiple languages, which tries to identify unique worlds in which to reflect and grow. Senda has hosted major projects from internationally recognized artists such as Jaume Plensa, Gao Xingjian, Oleg Dou, Stephan Balkenhol and Anthony Goicolea.
 path | Magazine | P55.ART

3. Il lacions
Ill. wants to be the space that constantly redefines the possibilities of design, where disciplines converge and functional and aesthetic canons are challenged. It is a space that represents Barcelona’s creative impulse,​​the courage to move forward and expand the territory of design. According to the gallery’s philosophy, “when we allow the conceptual and sensual richness of an object, when we support the creator’s place of expression, we not only generate beauty, but also content”.

Il Lacions | Magazine | P55.ART

4. Parés Room
Founded in 1877, Pairs it is the first gallery to be established in Spain and one of the oldest in the world that remains active. In the three independent spaces, the works of the 34 artists with whom they currently work are on display. Among these artists, you can find authors who start from figuration and contemporary realism, as well as others who express themselves in abstraction. There are also some gallery artists who dedicate themselves to sculpture, photography and video art, as well as others who formulate their proposals from hybrid approaches with the intersection of various techniques and disciplines.

Parés Room | Magazine | P55.ART

5. Joan Prats Gallery 
Since its opening in 1976, the Joan Prats Gallery positions itself as one of the pioneers in the Spanish and international contemporary scene, exposing and promoting the work of the artists it represents: Jordi Alcaraz, Pauline Bastard, Erick Beltrán, Alfons Borrell, Cabello / Carceller, Cabrita, Victoria Civera, Hannah Collins, Carles Congost , Luis Gordillo. The activity of Galeria Joan Prats is committed to disseminating and facilitating the reading of the different languages with which its artists create, also contributing to the realization of specific projects.

gallery joan prats | Magazine | P55.ART

6. Gothsland
Founded in 1971 and based in Barcelona,​​gothsland is a gallery specializing in Catalan modernism focused on preserving and seeking out works from this artistic trend. Its activity is based on the dissemination and deepening of its particularities to offer it as an experiential meeting for art lovers. This gallery, located on Carrer Consell de Cent, has a permanent collection of Catalan art from the 19th and 20th centuries and a wide variety of modernist objects, as well as vases, mirrors and furniture characteristic of the period.

Gothsland | Magazine | P55.ART

7. Arthur Ramon Art
Founded in 1911, Artur Ramon Art is one of the oldest art galleries in Barcelona. Painting and drawing, from ancient to contemporary, are the two fields in which Artur Ramon Art works, without occasionally abandoning other areas such as furniture, ceramics or the decorative arts. Its activity is based on the search for unpublished pieces and the recovery of lost identities through the best specialists in each subject, whose research is published in catalogues. In addition to its work as a gallery, it also stands out for its role as a center for the study and management of works of art with museological quality.

Artur Ramon Art | Magazine | P55.ART

Founded in 2013 in Barcelona,​​ relax is an innovative and contemporary art project that offers an international platform and a multidisciplinary environment for artists, curators and anyone who believes in the importance of art, culture and education to achieve greater creativity. Espronceda encourages renowned and aspiring international artists to develop their work and creativity and spread their inspiration beyond the physical stay in its space.

relax | Magazine | P55.ART

9. Villa del Arte
In 1999, Bert van Zetten, Marcel and Jutta Huisman founded Galerias Villa del Arte out of passion and commitment to exhibiting emerging and established artists from a very unique and characteristic approach.
Villa del Arte represents more than 40 national and international artists exhibited in four emblematic galleries in Barcelona and Amsterdam. In addition to organizing individual and group exhibitions, Villa del Arte also collaborates with other cultural institutions and museums.

Villa del Arte | Magazine | P55.ART

10. Nogueras Blanchard Gallery
Directed by Alex Nogueras and Rebeca Blanchard, the Nogueras Blanchard Gallery exhibits contemporary art with risky bets on high avant-garde and conceptual content. Developing primarily with installations and through its participation in international fairs and exhibitions, the gallery's program focuses on offering an interdisciplinary view of conceptually motivated positions and practices. In addition, Nogueras Blanchard is dedicated to accompanying the artist in the development of his language, as well as in the production of his work over the years. Some of the initiatives that stand out in this gallery are the “Kitchen Talks”, where artists, critics, curators and other cultural agents are invited to give informal talks in the gallery.

Nogueras Blanchard Gallery | Magazine | P55.ART

11. Ana Mas Projects 
Ana Mas Projects (AMP) was created in 2015 as an artistic dissemination platform with two offices, one located in San Juan (Puerto Rico) and the other in the Santa Eulalia neighborhood of L'Hospitalet, in an industrial building from the 70s. enriching dialogue of several generations of artists working with different formats, styles and backgrounds, both nationally and internationally. In addition, Ana Mas Projects collaborates with critics and curators with the aim of generating knowledge, beyond promotional purposes. This gallery usually schedules up to 3 annual exhibitions with a wide range of artists, including: Melvin Martínez, Mercedes Mangrané, Quisqueya Henríquez, Carmen Mariscal or Joaquim Chanco.

Ana Mas Projects | Magazine | P55.ART

12. Imagineart Gallery 
The Imagineart Gallery was born in 2007 in Barcelona and is currently located near Paseo de Gracia. Galeria works with two very different lines; modern art and the historical avant-garde of the 20th century converging in the Imagineart space, creating a unique sensation for the visitor.
Imagineart Gallery has international representatives in other markets such as Latin America, Asia and the United States, holding temporary exhibitions of its local artists in various parts of the world.

Imagineart Gallery | Magazine | P55.ART

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