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ice cream time 
Dim. 40 x 30 cm., paper  barium  warmtone  upset  al selenium . 
Photography and copy  analog 
Series: “American Way” edition  of 5 
Rafa Fernández (Lieja, Belgium , 1966) 
With an  long career  behind  his, he  works  there is  years old  with "Space Photo " ( Madrid ) and " El Art  de lo Impossible" (Gijon). He  also  he had  exhibitions  individual  at the Media advanced  (Gijon) and in the SegoviaFoto  Festival at Quintanar Palace. He  participated  in countless  exhibitions  collectives , between they  of the various  editions  of the "Speaking in Silver Festival". 
In 2013, he  was  selected  at  XIII Biennial  Fotonoviembre and at the Luarca International Art Competition and participated  in fairs  like  The  between photos  and the London Affordable Art Fair. 
In your  work , photography  and travel  walk  in hands  given. Your words  they are  defining  in that  meaning : “I read that Annie Leibovitz remembered  of the long  trips  in car  with your  family , traveling  for you  many different  destinations  in your  dad  military . He  commented  that frame  gives window  of car  was your  frame  very  before he  to have  an  camera  in the  hands . O same  It happened  with me : by window  of beetle  of my dad  me  me got used to  The to see  O world  While  we crossed  a half  from Europe, originating  gives Belgium , mine  Belgium to come back  at  Asturias  for vacation . ” 
Although he has traveled the world extensively and has notable jobs in countries like Japan, his weakness is the United States. Perhaps it has to do with its varied musical and artistic references, all of them directly linked to this nation: jazz and blues; the photography of Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand and William Eggleston, among many others; and the hyperrealist painting of the second half of the 20th century by authors such as John Baeder or Richard Estes. 
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