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Francico Vidal
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Retrato com 10 - Nova Lisboa

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Francisco Vidal

Title - Portrait with 10 - New Lisboa

Dimension: 100x100cm

Year - 2018

Work of the incredible artist Luso-African Francisco Vidal

Note: Certificate of authenticity passed by the author

In 2002, he won the young creators contest and was one of those selected from the 2nd edition of the anticipart. In 2005, he was appointed for the EDP Young Artists Prize. Of his individual exhibitions stand out those held at Gallery I i i in Lisbon; At VPF Cream Art, in Lisbon; in the ZDB gallery in Lisbon; at the cultural center of Lagos; among others. He also participated in several collective exhibitions in Lux-Fragile in Lisbon; At the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon; In the Hangar K7 of the casting of Oeiras, among other institutions, galleries and projects.

In 2015, the plastic artist was one of the representatives of Angola in the 56th Biennial of Venice, a country where he has shared residence with Portugal.

His works are represented in the collections of the EDP Foundation.

Francisco Vidal It's not today and his name sounds around and there. Licensed in Plastic Arts by the High School of Technology and Art Management & Design of Caldas da Queen and with the Master in Fine Arts by the School of Visual Arts of Columbia University in New York, is an uncontornable name of painting, drawing and Gesture that is made color if Africa is made and makes magic. With a route initiated in the new millennium, the works of this artist are prestigious national and international collections, and can stand out that of the EDP Foundation, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation or the Cachola collection, among many others.

Francisco Vidal Bring us Africa, from Angola to Cape Verde, returns to us Lisbon and New York and makes us feel world, tropicality and passion. With a pleach of fundamentally recent works, which itineam between paper support, the screen or the compositions of Catanas, not forgetting the utopian-installation dimension of some of the proposals, Francisco Vidal It transports us to your free gesture, loaded with irreverence, jazz and spirituality. Notwithstanding the influences we can find, in Francisco Vidal, from artists who marked the Underground American scene in the 1980s or that we recognize a NeoExpressionism whose palette and daring refers to Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988), Luso-Angolan adds all this a world dimension and authenticity, intentionally political and tropical aesthetics that are new.



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