Luís Noronha da Costa (1942-2020)

Quem foi Luís Noronha da Costa?

A Poet of the Image

"Poetry is the painting of the ears, just as painting is the poetry of the eyes"
Lope de Vega (1562-1635).

In this synthesis, he defined what in his time was already evident in both modalities of artistic expression, poetry and painting. A synthesis that will never have been forgotten and for that same reason inspires, motivates and mobilizes written and painted creation as the zenith of Art.

The architect, the filmmaker, the visual artist left Luís Noronha da Costa. However, his pictorial work remains in our galleries, museums and collections, as memories, objects of contemplation and study.

We refrain from developing here a “thesis” about his paintings, about the themes and techniques that he mastered with unusual aplomb and inventiveness. It would be one more. It would certainly be no more than a pleonastic gesture at a time that, although not one of reverence, is above all one of expectation about what will now be said and written in the presence of his work and an inexorable realization: it is unrepeatable!

We had the privilege of contributing, modestly, to the dissemination of works by Noronha da Costa that were entrusted to us and that today, with many collections in Portugal and abroad, are the object of pride and pleasure of their current owners. We will persist in the grateful mission of showing your talent.

Luís Noronha da Costa (1942-2020)

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