The Enchanting Portraits of Eva Armisén

Os Retratos Encantadores de Eva Armisén

Who is Eva Armisén?

Internationally renowned Spanish artist Eva Armisén, who lives and works in Barcelona, describes her art as “Sincere. Simple. Emotional." His work, with its whimsical, childlike style, is immediately recognisable: charming portraits of families, friends and pets. It has an omnipresent character, often with a flower in her hair, carrying beautiful bouquets of flowers, strolling, resting and mostly having fun.

Eva Armisén | Magazine | P55.ART

The artistic journey of Eva Armisén

Eva Armisén who currently lives and works in Barcelona, ​​studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, ​​​​​​completed her training at the Rietveld Akademie in Amsterdam and received a grant from the Joan and Pilar Miró Foundation in Palma de Mallorca. His work focuses on capturing everyday life as something extraordinary, proposing a vital and optimistic look that transports us to a livable world full of emotion.

Eva Armisén | Magazine | P55.ART

For Eva Armisén, creating art is like coming home – a place where she goes for comfort and shelter whenever she needs it. Whether painting, ceramics, engraving or sculpture, all of Eva's work begins with emotion. Feel and experience something, then translate it into a work of art. His paintings serve as a visual diary, elevating everyday life and narrating inner thoughts and dreams. They allow viewers to connect with their own emotions, remember their childhood or maybe cherish those little moments that are often overlooked. It's amazing how with just a few simple lines, Eva Armisén is able to create such emotive faces. A small curved smile speaks of hope, optimism and innocence. A shy child often found it easier to draw or write her feelings than to talk about them. Eva Armisén credits an art teacher for showing her how to communicate through painting. From an early age, she discovered how art strengthened her with a sense of freedom. She also feels lucky to have her parents' unconditional support in her artistic ambitions.

Eva Armisén | Magazine | P55.ART

Internationalization of Eva Armisén

Painting and engraving are the artist's most common supports, but the originality and communication skills of her work led Eva Armisén to collaborate in a wide variety of projects, such as public art installations, advertising campaigns, film and television and editorial projects. With an increasingly international journey, we can see his work exhibited in cities such as Seoul, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Singapore, Lisbon, Taipei, Shanghai or Melbourne in art fairs and individual exhibitions. In 2016, she collaborated in the nomination of the “Haenyeo” (women divers from Jeju Island) for Intangible Heritage of Humanity and in June 2017 she illustrated the book Mom is a Haenyeo where the incredible story of these women is told.

Eva Armisén | Magazine | P55.ART

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