Rueffa and the vanguard of embracing the past

Rueffa e a vanguarda de abraçar o passado

Rueffa and the vanguard of embracing the past

In recent times, women artists are gaining great importance in the eyes of the public. They are becoming visible. Finally, emerging and consolidated female artists begin to gain space in the international art scene, as is the case with Rueffa .

Rueffa is an artist that we can fit into the Pop Art movement, an art that, against common criticism, has little or nothing banal. On the contrary, Pop Art has a large political component and is aware of the elements that make up consumer society, such as Rueffa.

Rueffa is documenting through his work what surrounds us, our image culture, one that is ready to be packaged and sold, but also shared by social media, such as selfies. And it honors the great icons of the past who, like Frida Kahlo , live to imitate art, not the other way around.

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From Rueffa's origins we have some brushstrokes that help to compose his vital painting: his birthplace is Portugal, where he grew up and graduated as an artist after studying Art History at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, an institution that was created within the scope of politics expansion and renewal of university studies in Portugal.

In 2013 he presented and defended his graduation thesis at that university and perhaps he learned from those sweet years what tenacity and the absence of fear of hard work are.
As she says, "sometimes you go days without sleep" and it doesn't cost much to imagine her involved in the creative process of her works.

According to Rueffa, it all started because of his father, and he always tells the same story:
"He was making a giant bottle of perfume out of styrofoam when he handed me a scrawler and told me to use it, to do something with it. I was very small, but unconsciously, because I started working with it, I acquired all the technical and artistic skills."

It was also Rueffa's father who introduced her to the world of Pop Art, Roy Liechtenstein and Warhol , in which he remains today.
At the age of 18, she had a car accident and during her time at the hospital, Rueffa received from her father a book by the art publisher Taschen about Pop Art, and as she flipped through its pages, she was totally overwhelmed by Roy Liechtenstein's work "Sunrise ".
That image of a rising sun gave him an inner strength hitherto unknown. He doesn't know if it was because of its metaphorical or symbolic meaning, but it began to reproduce the image of the dawn incessantly. This innocent act became the first step in Rueffa's artistic career, although he didn't know it yet.

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Rueffa's Universe

The universe that populates Rueffa's work, as she herself refers, implies "the creation of a new discourse for the great icons of Pop Art".
Rueffa took up the challenge of paying homage, always with respect, to the great figures of the History of Culture, such as Freddy Mercury , Beethoven , Dalí, Basquiat ... even António Variações . The truth is that Rueffa has a fondness for the '80s where he seems to stop regularly, with its neon lights and music that many consider the best of all decades.
Perhaps American culture is also the one that best reflects Rueffa's artistic corpus. His work is full of pin-up aesthetics from the 50s and images of actors from Hollywood's golden age.

Rueffa | P55 Magazine | P55 - The platform of Art


Rueffa has appeared in numerous spaces, both nationally and internationally, such as the Hoxton Gallery and the Royal Opera House in London, the selective Kraux Gallery in New York or the Brasília Art Museum , to name a few.
Among Rueffa's most essential exhibitions, we have "I Love You" where he enchanted the public at the Casino de Lisboa with new and surprising pieces using contemporary materials such as polyurethane foam and also installations.
Also indispensable are "Time Lapse I" in Lisbon, where he exhibited images of Portuguese and foreign pop icons, and " Three Fridas " made on the 110th anniversary of the Mexican artist, where Rueffa presented three representations of Frida elaborated under three different artistic techniques.
In February of the same year, the media echoed Rueffa's most recent exhibition at the Oscar Niemeyer museum in Brasília, taking his Neopop aesthetic to the capital during the month of August with the work "Welcome" in a tribute to the Portuguese-Brazilian singer Carmen Miranda, whose date marks 65 years after his death.

a legitimate claim

There is something uncomfortable about the professional career of many artists and it is their difficulty in promoting themselves. Let's add to the fact that Rueffa is a woman and voila, we have fertile ground for a legitimate claim. Rueffa expresses it honestly, just as he suffered in his own skin:

"The galleries only promote artists they already know and I have an additional problem, I'm very young and I'm a woman" or "I've taken it many times before (...) Portugal doesn't have so many cultural spaces in artistic terms and it is difficult for emerging artists to enter the market”.

Rueffa on P55

At P55, we want to contribute to the visibility of artists such as Rueffa, which is why we offer a wide selection of his works as a strong commitment to his fervent vision of art.
You can find Rueffa's works here:

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