painting ofPaula Rego, sold for half a million euros in London

Pintura de Paula Rego, vendida por meio milhão de euros em Londres

The painting “School for Little Witches”, by the Portuguese artistPaula Rego, sold on Wednesday for £415,000 (€500,000) at auction in London, above Christie's estimate. Dating from 2009, the 154 by 121 centimeter painting shows a group of children and their adult caregivers, “like clients of an absurd day care center”, can be read in the essay on the work, published by the auctioneer.

Paula Rego| P55 Magazine | P55.ART"School for Little Witches" byPaula Rego

“Despite its fantastic appearance, 'School for Little Witches' represents an act of revenge on a teacher who terrorizedPaula Regoas a child. 'She taught me the multiplication table and made me feel bad about my drawings. She said, 'Look at this girl who says she wants to be a painter and look at the garbage she draws.' I design ugly people as ugly characters, bullies and witches. I use them in scenarios and take pleasure in their fall,” he said.Paula Rego, in a 2019 interview cited by the essay.

Banksy | P55 Magazine | P55.ART"Love is in the air" bybanksy

Previously, the most expensive piece sold at auction in London was Banksy's "Love is in the air", which approached a million pounds. In July 2015, a framework ofPaula Regoin which the painter alluded to the death of her husband in 1988, was sold at auction in London for 1.6 million euros, setting a record for the Portuguese artist. Another work by the artist, "Looking Out" (1997), a pastel on paper on an aluminum support, with an estimate between 707 thousand euros and 989 thousand euros, was auctioned at the same auction for a final bid of 1,360,941 euros.Paula Rego(1935) gained recognition as one of the greatest artists of our time, nationally and internationally with herworks full of expressive, deep and ambiguous elements.From abstractionism to conceptualism, his pieces are part of a figurative field of their own: «the beautiful grotesque». In surreal compositions with a cruelty - both subtle and explicit - the Portuguese artist demonstrates her own imagination, the brutality of Portuguese folk tales, the dysfunctional family relationships, political systems and social structures. Women and girls are put in the foreground, and animals often replace humans. Between life and art,Paula Regodemonstrates their concerns and convictions, as an example of this, the production of the series entitled «Aborto» for agreeing with the decriminalization of the voluntary interruption of pregnancy.

Paula Rego| P55 Magazine | P55.ART"Looking Out" byPaula Rego, 1997

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