Kathy Halbreich will leave the Rauschenberg Foundation after five years

Kathy Halbreich deixará a Fundação Rauschenberg após cinco anos

Kathy Halbreich, the esteemed leader of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation of New York, will step down in May after more than five years at the helm. At the Rauschenberg Foundation, he oversaw all matters relating to Robert Rauschenberg, one of the most notable artists of the postwar New York scene. "After navigating the precariousness of the pandemic, while overseeing many courageous, even contrary, artistic and philanthropic programs, as well as two major renovation projects, it is especially significant to leave the Foundation in such vibrant financial and artistic shape," Halbreich wrote in a letter sent today. to the people of the foundation. “More importantly, Bob's work is better understood and his legacy more secure than ever.” Based on his letter, it was not immediately obvious why Halbreich had left or where he was going next.
As executive director since 2017, he has established several projects at the foundation, including a long-term initiative that will see Rauschenberg's entire raisonné catalog made available online for free - an unusual gesture, as volumes of this type are often exorbitantly priced and not readily available. usable to the public. The first of its ten volumes is scheduled to appear in 2025. The foundation has also launched an arts council that provides funding to a range of sources chosen by its members, who remain anonymous, and has continued to provide grants for alternative spaces.

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Before joining the Rauschenberg Foundation, Halbreich worked at the Museum of Modern Art, where she was associate director. He organized a series of critically acclaimed exhibitions there, including ones dedicated to Sigmar Polke and Bruce Nauman. And before joining MoMA, he led the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis for 16 years.
“The Board will initiate an immediate search and I am confident that the new Executive Director will adopt the same permission I have found to invent amazing new avenues for the Foundation,” wrote Halbreich. "I'm looking forward to it!"

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