The P55 offers a wide and eclectic choice in terms of artistic movements, prices and techniques. Search filters and categorization of works allow you to carry out precise searches within the wide range of options we offer. This increases the likelihood of finding your favorite piece! To make the search for the perfect gift, whether for yourself or someone else, a little easier, we've narrowed down a selection of works for the various art lovers!

Art for the “Foodie”

From Cezanne's apples and oranges to soup cans Andy Warhol, art has been a feast for the eyes for centuries. Offer yourself or your friend who loves food a job of António Inverno, Dayson, Begmont, Miguel Levy Lima, Isabel Murteira, Joana Rêgo, Maria Fernanda Amado or Pep Canyelles. Among the shapes, colors and lines, be inspired by these delicious works.

art for travelers

Some of life's best adventures are spent traveling to unknown places and exploring new spaces. Rediscover this feeling with the breathtaking landscapes of Oxana Shimanchuk, Júlio Capela, Luís Liberato, Ana Lúcia Ventura, Mota Urgeiro, Rui Nunes, António Neves, Miguel Angelo Marques or Amândio Silva.

Art for Minimalists

Do you like to simplify the environment around you? Lygia Clark, Cristina Neto, Francisco Santos, Luiz Queimadela, Diogo Gonçalves, Adriano Bernetti da Vila, Francisco Santos, Cruzeiro Seixas, Julião Sarmento, among other artists available on P55, offer a new perspective on this genre.