Announced exhibition of Anna Delvey, famous scammer from the Inventing Anna series

Anunciada exposição de Anna Delvey, famosa scammer da série Inventing Anna

scammerAnna Sorokin — or Anna Delvey, as she is better known — will have her artistic debut in April.Recently the subject of the Netflix miniseries, Inventing Anna, Delvey, who was arrested for fraud, appears again in the news, but this time, it's for the opportunity to show her new designs, in a space not yet announced at the beginning of April. The works on display were made at the ICE detention centre, where Delvey is currently being held pending likely deportation to Germany.

Anna Delvey | P55.ART

“I would consider her style kind of a crossover between fashion sketches and satirical comics,” said Chris Martine, Delvey's representative as co-founder of the Founders Art Club — an advisory body and influential collectors' group. “She has an intriguing style, but the most important thing is really the intangibles that she brings to the table, which is that people are just fascinated by her.”

Anna Delvey | P55.ART

Martine told ARTnews that she hopes Delvey will have 20 pieces ready for her solo show in April. Each will sell for around $10,000, he said.The Founders Art Club already has a waiting list for more solo exhibitions. Anna Sorokin – or Anna Delvey is one of two people represented by the Founders Art Club, the other is also knownscammerfrom the art world: Alfredo Martinez, imprisoned for 21 months starting in 2002 for creating and selling Jean-Michel forgeriesBasquiatto prominent collectors for over $100,000.

Alfredo Martinez | P55.ART


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