How to Buy Artworks Affordably Online

Como Comprar Obras de Arte Online de Forma Acessível

Andy Warhol

What is P55?

P55 is a Marketplace dedicated to Art that provides a free service to its suppliers to sell their works without leaving home. The platform's mission is to revolutionize access to Art and make it available to everyone through the online store and weekly auctions.

The name is inspired by the year 1955, when the world witnessed the birth of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Jeff Koons, and also the appearance of the first mass computer, with the acronym AI (Artificial Intelligence, or in Portuguese Artificial Intelligence) and the Internet. That year a new world and a digital generation began.

From classical to contemporary art, with around 500 authors, this platform differs from the others for one reason: all the pieces come from professionals, whether artists or gallery owners. In a digital age, how does this online platform make the art market more accessible?

Keith Haring | Artists | P55 - The platform of Art

Untitled Keith Haring

The boom in the market and digital platforms

The evolution of digital music has led to the decay of record stores, and at present people prefer to shop online than browse traditional malls. In recent decades, the ways in which people discover and buy products have varied exponentially due to the growth of the online market.

Art is still based on personal relationships - physical galleries, museums, fairs and other events - however, the predominance of the internet has transformed buyer behavior. So, as with other subjects, people started to see and buy art in a different way. Previously, a collector would be unthinkable to buy a work of art, without seeing it in person, however, the roles have changed, people get online the works exhibited in galleries, rather than visit them. Today, the dominance of the internet has transformed shopper behavior and helped drive the economy. The traditional art market has been growing steadily, but in this new online world we have seen a boom in new buyers.

Oker | Artists | P55 - The platform of Art

Oker's Hope , 2018

The democratization of the art market

The art world is made up of many layers between the creator and the spectator. If we have the right social environment, it is easier to have direct access, however the majority of the population does not integrate in this small world. For many people, entering a gallery is an intimidating experience, as it doesn't adapt to the surrounding environment. With the P55 it is more accessible to discover the art world, without fears and restrictions.

In the past, collectors in order to educate themselves and refine their tastes in art sought paid specialists, the consultants. These recommended emerging artists whose work would be appreciated and valued in cultural and commercial terms. At P55 you can discover emerging artists and get information about them, from the Marketplace , Magazine or more directly by email .

Having the possibility of exhibiting in a gallery and being represented by it in order to boost their career is the goal of most artists, however this is a complicated way. Platforms like the P55 pave the way for artists and dealers to become more independent, breaking with the conventions of the traditional art market.

Lluis Barba | Artists | P55 - The platform of Art

Woman sitting touching the virgin. Vermeer de Lluís Barba , 2020

How does the P55 make the art market more accessible?

At P55, artists have the possibility to choose the works they want to demonstrate to a large audience, without needing a physical space. Users have the opportunity to browse catalogs of works without ever entering a physical gallery. On Marketplace, you have access to the list of artists, their work and information about them. At Magazine you have the opportunity to educate yourself about artists, artistic movements, techniques, among other topics. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you will receive news about new artists, auctions and new articles. On social networks, there is the possibility of always discovering the news and learning more about the artists in a new way. These tools provided by P55, help in the education and choice process, making the client self-taught, without the need to hire a consultant. Being able to carry out your own research and being able to contextualize about the works in a simple way would not be so accessible and easy in the physical world.

Seixas Cruise | Artists | P55 - The platform of Art

From the reformulation of the space in Cruzeiro Seixas , 1996

Since we currently buy everything online , why not buy art too? With the cultivation of social platforms we have seen a growth of diverse buyers. Once closed, to a small space or region, from online platforms, both the consumer and the artists are interconnected worldwide.

Easy to use, the P55 gives the possibility to buy art in an unpretentious and affordable way due to the variety of works of art and values, designed for all consumers. Thus, the P55 makes the art market more accessible by improving communication between artists and the spectator: the artist offers a stage to exhibit their work and the consumer gives the possibility to make their own choices in an accessible and polite way. .

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