How to start my art collection?

Como começar a minha coleção de arte?

Tips for Starting an Art Collection

Collecting art is a very subjective experience, but it's also a great way to show your personality. Do you want to start your collection for decorative purposes, as an investment or simply love art but don't know where to start?

The art world can seem intimidating to anyone taking their first steps. Let go of the preconceived notions that an art collection is only for rich and famous people. Many of today's new art collectors started out on a small budget as they learned more about the field. Building a strong collection takes time and knowledge, so to help you P55 has put together some tips to make your experience easier.

1. Visit Museums and Galleries

If you have time, start by visiting a museum or gallery, to discover and discover the pieces and artists that attract you the most. Research the themes that are most appealing to you, to increase your knowledge and aesthetic approach. In a short time, you will gain a deeper insight into artists, movements and different techniques.

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2. Trust your gut

Buying art is an investment, whether monetary or sentimental. Trust your instincts and choose the works that move, excite and attract you. This piece will be an integral part of your life and will reveal part of your personality. Your taste is the most important, so choose works by artists that fascinate you, even if they aren't the most popular at the time.

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3. Search about the artist

Is there a work of art that moves you deeply? Learn more about the artist by researching his work, the creative process and the exhibitions he attended. Emotion is important when contemplating a work of art, but learning about the creation process gives rise to an even more enlightened perception. On the P55 page you will find brief biographies of the artists that offer an insight into their career and creative process.

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4. Think about space

When you buy a work of art it becomes an integral part of your life. It is essential to think about where to display your new piece and make sure it fits in well with the space, be it domestic or professional. Does the work match the pre-existing decor? Don't forget to check the piece size! Be aware of these various factors before purchasing.

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5. Set a budget

Staying on budget shouldn't be an obstacle to owning an original work of art. Having a pre-set value will help you with your first purchase. On P55 you have the option to view the works by the highest or lowest value. Every week we offer a collection with pieces up to €250. Regardless of your budget, you'll be able to find on the P55 a wide variety of works at different prices. If you need help, our team is here to advise you and listen to all your questions and doubts, so that you have the best experience when buying pieces of art for your collection.

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