7 Films about Women Artists

7 Filmes sobre Mulheres Artistas

In this list you will find must-see films of great women who changed the world of the arts through their paintings, sculptures and photographs. The lives of each of these artists were largely driven by passions and tragedies that ended up giving even more strength to their artistic productions. Whichever you choose, you will be enchanted by the engaging story!

1. Frida, Living Nature – 1986

Frida Kahlo| P55 Magazine | P55.ART

In this film, the life of the painter is recalledFrida Kahlo (Ofelia Medina), by exposing, in a random and non-chronological way, a series of passages from the artist's life, related to her love affairs, political militancy, childhood with her father Guillermo and, of course, her artistic production. In short, the film provides a unique sensation, in which we practically enter the mind ofFrida Kahloto capture, from their memories, their sufferings and passions.

2. Camille Claudel - 1989

Camille Claudel | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

Camille Claudel (Isabelle Adjani) is a young sculptor who comes into conflict with her family when she becomes an apprentice and later an assistant to the famous sculptor Auguste Rodin (Gérard Depardieu). When Camille Claudel and the sculptor became romantically involved, Camille was frowned upon by French society at the time. After living fifteen years of a troubled relationship, Camille Claudel ends her relationship with Rodin, however she enters a deep depression. Under the circumstances, her younger brother ends up interning her in a psychiatric hospital. Based on the biography written by Raine-Marie, Camille's great-niece, this film was responsible for the “rebirth” of the sculptor's works.

3. Frida - 2002

Frida Kahlo| P55 Magazine | P55.ART

Frida Kahlo(Salma Hayek) was one of the main names in the artistic history of Mexico. Reputable and acclaimed as a painter, he had an eventful open marriage to Diego Rivera (AlfredMolina), his companion also in the arts, and still a controversial affair with politician Leon Trostky (Geoffrey Rush). This biographical film, based on the book by Hayden Herrera, tells the story of Kahlo from her adolescence to the year of her death. With a great performance by Salma Hayek, the film also shows the moment when the painter was affected by a tragic accident, her travels around the world, her natural love for animals, her political choices and her relationship with Trotsky. A must-see for art lovers.

4. Eternal Moments by Maria Larssons – 2008

Movie | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

This biographical film takes place in Sweden at the beginning of the 20th century, in an era of social change and poverty, where the young worker Maria Larssons, a married woman with many children and few possibilities, wins a camera in the lottery. The camera lens allows Maria to see a different world from a new perspective. A captivating film from director Jan Troell, with fantastic cinematography.

5. Life and work of Georgia O'Keeffe – 2010

Georgia O'Keeffe | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

One of the most important painters in the history of American art, Georgia Totto O'Keeffe (Joan Allen) painted flowers and landscapes like no one else and met love and fame with photographer Alfred Stieglitz (Jeremy Irons), with whom she maintained an intense love relationship and professional. An unmissable film, a captivating drama both for fans of the artist's work and for those who still don't know her.

6. Camille Claudel, 1915 – 2013

Camille Claudel | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

Against her will, the sculptor Camille Claudel (Juliette Binoche) is interned by her relatives in a religious psychiatric asylum, and remains for years in the institution, unable to leave. The artist claims several times that she is perfectly sane, but develops a mania of persecution, believing that Auguste Rodin was conspiring against her, and that everyone in the asylum is trying to poison her. This is a very dense film that aims to portray the sculptor's life when she was hospitalized, without mentioning other periods of her life. A challenging plot that demands the viewer's attention.

7. Big Eyes - 2014

Big Eyes | P55 Magazine | P55.ART

In the late 1950s, Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz) revolutionized the commercialization of art with his enigmatic paintings of children with big sad eyes. The film portrays the shocking truth of this story: the paintings sold by Walter were created by his wife, Margaret (Amy Adams). The film tells the story of Margaret as an artist, the phenomenal success of her paintings and her relationship with her husband, Walter, who forced her to paint exhaustively for years without anyone knowing about it. A great film directed by Tim Burton.

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