6 facts about Salvador Dalí

6 factos sobre Salvador Dalí

Who was salvador Dalí?
By creating a plastic language with fascinating compositions, the Spanish artistSalvador Dalí (1904–1989) became one of the main figures of surrealism. This movement that fits the avant -garde of the 1920s proposed the transposition and liberation of the unconscious in plastic experiences. His works «The Temptation of St. Anthony »(1946) and« The Persistence of Memory »(1931) presented at the time a completely innovative way to understand the irrational, through Objects such as melted watches and extraordinary animals. Besides a plastic artist,Salvador Dalí He was a writer, filmmaker and cultivated his eccentric personality during his career, from his behavioral and physical characteristics, such as his famous mustache and her pet an anteater (anthot papa).

1. He believed he was a reincarnation of his brother who passed away.
Salvador Dalí It was not the only salvador from your family. His father was called salvador, but also his older brother. The brother ofSalvador Dalí He died nine months before the artist was born. When the famous artist was 5 years old, his parents took him to his brother's grave and told him that he was his brother's reincarnation. A concept in which Dali himself believed, with his older brother a prominent figure at work, such as the "portrait of my dead brother" of 1963.

2. He started painting still in a child.
The oldest known painting of Dalí was produced in 1910, when the artist was only 6 years old. Titled Figueres landscape, the oil card scene portrays the green hills and the mountainous scene of his hometown in Catalonia, Figueres. The impressive piece reveals the incredible natural talent of the iconic artist at such a young age. Currently the painting is hanging at the museumSalvador Dalí In St. Petersburg, Florida.

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3. He was expelled from the art school (twice).
Salvador Dalí He was expelled from the art school - not one, but twice. The artistic talent of the young Dali was fostered from an early age, especially by his mother, who died when the artist was only 16 years old. While studying at the Madrid Academy of Fine Arts, he became known for his eccentric behavior and outfits. He was for the first expelled in 1923 due to a student protest, however after returning to school, he faced a second expulsion shortly before his final exams in 1926. In the 1942 autobiography, the secret life ofSalvador Dalí, the artist wrote that he was expelled because he did not want to do the oral exams. “I am infinitely smarter than these three teachers and therefore refuses to be examined by them. I know this subject very well. ” But the expulsion did not delay him, that same year he first traveled to Paris and met his idol, Pablo Picasso.

4. He did not consume drugs.
Although the surreal art ofSalvador Dalí And their eccentric behavior may make the opposite think, the artist did not use any chemicals to alter his condition. In fact, the artist stated, "I don't use drugs, I'm drugs." To stimulate his creativity in the early 1930s, he developed the critical-paranoic method, which allowed him to access his subconscious. A way to stay in a dream state included staring at a particular object until it became another form, causing a kind of hallucination.

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5. I had no conventional marriage.
Elena Ivanovna Diakonova, known as Gala, was ten years older than Dali and married to surrealist poet Paul Éluard when they met in 1929. A love affair developed quickly, with gala eventually divorced from Éluard - although they remained Upcoming. The couple married in a civil ceremony in 1934, despite the discomfort of Dali's family with him to marry an older Russian divorced. Gala played a key role in the artist's career, becoming his business manager and muse. In the 1950s, Gala was publicly involved in extramarital cases, although it is said that Dali encouraged this. And in 1969, when he bought her a Catalan castle in the public, it was specified that Dalí could visit her there only if she were invited in writing. There is no doubt that they shared an intense and brain love. He wrote, "I would polish gala to make her shine, make her happier possible, taking care of her more than me, because without her it all would end."

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6.Claorized with Disney.
In 1946, Salvador Dalí She and Disney Designer John Hench worked together in the animated movie called Destiny. Dalí created 22 oil paintings and numerous designs Hench has turned into movie storyboards. However, just 8 months later, the work stopped for financial reasons and the film was unfinished, with only 15 seconds of demonstration completed. In 1999, Walt Disney's nephew and longtime senior executive at The Walt Disney Company, Roy E. Disney, decided to revive destination production. The 6 -minute short film was released in 2003 and tells the story of a dancer on a surreal journey by a desert landscape.

Salvador Dalí | Magazine | P55.art

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