10 Facts about Banksy's Girl With Balloon

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Banksy's Girl With Balloon
Girl With Balloon by banksy is one of the most popular works by the British artist. This image has become a symbol as it appears on walls, online and even on the arm of the famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber, which he tattooed on his arm in 2014.The English artist Banksy, with an anonymous identity, created his own language on the streets of the world, through the stencil It's from graffiti. His works are easily identifiable by their graphic language and their own characteristics. Children, police, rats or monkeys are some of the figures used by the artist. Profoundly figurative, these stencils critically address various social and political issues such as consumerism, political authority and terrorism. He is currently one of the most recognized and admired contemporary artists among younger generations. Discover 10 facts about Girl With Balloon here.

1.When was Girl With Balloon created?
Girl With Balloon, also called Balloon Girl or Girl With A Balloon, was first created in London in 2002, and was originally plastered on the walls under Waterloo Bridge in London's Southbank. Another version appeared around the same time in Shoreditch, East London, on the walls of a print shop. Both the stencils are now lost, but the photographic image lives on.

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2.The artwork is a symbol of hope
The original stencil on Southbank was accompanied by a quote that read “There is always hope”. Some people interpret Girl With Balloon as a symbol of lost innocence, while others believe the girl is releasing the balloon – anyway, banksy wants the viewer to keep hope even when it is out of reach.

3.It can also be a symbol of activism
banksy created variations of Girl With Balloon to address political issues. In 2014, the British artist created a version with the girl in the headscarf, to support the victims of the conflict in Syria. Two years later, the artist reworked the design to feature a Union Jack balloon and offered a free print to Bristol residents who voted against the Conservative government.

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4. When banksy presented Girl With Balloon as a print?
banksy presented the first prints of Girl With Balloon in 2004–05 – there were at the time only 150 signed editions and 600 unsigned editions. When it was released, banksy offered autographed editions for just £150. They are now regularly sold for six-figure sums, including the most expensive print of banksy already sold.

5.How many balloon colors are there?
There are five color variations for Girl With Balloon, the red balloon is the most iconic, but banksy also created versions in purple, blue, pink and gold. In March 2021, an artist's proof signed with a gold balloon sold for £1,104,000 at Sotheby's in London - setting a new world record for a Banksy print.

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6.Girl With Balloon is one of the most popular works among Banksy collectors
It is currently not possible to purchase Girl With Balloon directly from banksy or your handling service, Pest Control. Therefore, any prints of the work on the secondary market are sought after by collectors. If you want to buy or sell a Girl With Balloon print, it is important that the work comes with a certificate of authenticity from thepest control to prove it's a genuine Banksy print.

7. The work gained more recognition in newspapers and other media when it self-destructed at auction
Just seconds after a painting of Girl With Balloon was sold at Sotheby's in London in 2018, the artwork suddenly began to shred itself through a shredder hidden inside the frame. The winning bidder made the purchase anyway, and the work was renamed Love Is In The Bin – the only original artwork to be created live at auction. On October 14, 2021, Love is in the Bin became the banksy most expensive ever sold at auction, when it fetched a staggering £18,582,000 at Sotheby's.

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